Stern Insider Connected

I’m less happy now that I know what I’m missing. Don’t tell me when I should or should not be happy.

It is near-zero effort to allow existing customers to play additional modes. They’re telling me as a customer, you didn’t spend enough money yet. Buy this additional tchotchke and jump through this login hoop. They’re free to set it up that way, and I’m free to start spending $8k elsewhere.


Does anyone know if/when we’re going to get a more comprehensive dashboard from our games played? (Apologize if this has already been answered, I haven’t been following this thread too closely.)

As someone who really doesn’t care about achievements - but loves data, stat tracking, etc - the current iteration is very limited in terms of what it tells you based on your gameplay. As a result, I just don’t see much of a reason to sign in, unless I have a big game and remember near the end of it to collect some achievements or log a high score. Using GZ as an example: if it showed me more granular info like X% of your games you collected a Mecha super, Y% you got to power up level 4 to qualify your mini wizards, your highest ever carnage bonus & multiplier X was whatever, stuff like that, I’d be all over it.


“Very limited” is about the kindest way I can think of to describe it. And so far, I’m not seeing any additional revenue based on Insider vs. no Insider (and of course I have no stats to quantify this, it’s purely looking at overall numbers) so I don’t intend to further retrofit any games at this point.


I sure hope it opens the door for accessing Insider Connected without a QR Reader in the home environment. Probably not, but it seems like a workaround, even if a bit tedious to set up at first, would be sufficient for home use.

Id also love to see some type of handicapping feature. Id love to let my kid play the game on easiest settings against me playing on hard settings, no extra balls, etc. I don’t expect it, but it is the type of thing Insider Connected COULD be used for.


Interestingly, that is exactly what P3 profile system does (per profile settings for things like rule settings)

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Cool, I still haven’t gotten a chance to flip a P3 but I am really liking what Im seeing out of Multimorphic.

A friend made me these from pieces of wood and a 3D printer, and they are so cool, and nicely portable.


For the Stern Leaderboard stuff (both the public Godzilla and location-specific), are there scenarios where scores are thrown out? I’ve had 3 scores fail to show up recently on machines that otherwise appear to be submitting scores.

i heard there were quite a bit of issues, i would think more likely a data error than specific criteria restricting score sync but it is an interesting question.

No upload…checked connection in net test afterward too.

Pants has a high score on the overall leader board. Same game? Same code?

I think I’ve had 4 scores stick and they all uploaded.

Nah, previous game, previous code. I guess I’m just curious about connectivity impacting upload. Like, if the game disconnects at all during the game (more likely during a longer game, which seems to be the only ones that don’t get uploaded), is the score thrown out? Or does the connection only need to be live at sign in and game complete? Right after a recent 30 minute game that didn’t get uploaded i flipper flapped around in a quick 5 minute game and it uploaded. So dunno.

Im sure some of my on-location scores not going through is just a confounding variable here, and my account is not actually cursed.

and what about modes that need you to be online to play?
can an online dropout at the wrong time crash / hang / reboot the game?

This doesn’t exist.

Recently added IC to my Maiden pro and can confirm you have to be logged in to activate CIPWM. Non-IC players in the same game won’t get it. But I dunno if there’s some way to be logged in while offline, haven’t tried.

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I thought that was already in the code? Or are we talking on a pro?

and tournament mode changes that? or is that under the force off setting.

Pro. It’s for logged-in IC players only, same as the formerly topper-only goat mode in JP (all models in that case).

and if you login in and then network drops out mid game??

I spoke too soon. I put up a top 5 game (3B) on a previously working location game today and it’s nowhere to be seen. Stats show I played that game at that location today, but the high score shown is a lower score. IC says I played two GZ games, but I don’t recall if I played two or three. Was absolutely signed in for however many games I played.

I still want that CSI translite, Stern. You better fix this.