Star Wars (Stern) Rulesheet


No, it is the 2 shot mode, I just don’t remember the number (it is II, apparently we have a wiki for this :slight_smile:). The planet multiball is Escape from Tatooine.


Gotcha. Yeah. The ramp then Death Star mode. Okay. Just making sure you weren’t on old code. It might have helped.


Playing as R2D2 tilted during Escape Cloud city and ended up in a similar state. No mode shots lit LCD said “shoot Hoth shot.” Shooting the Hoth shot only lit combo arrows.


Interesting. Maybe it’s an R2D2 specific bug.


There’s a setting that allows ALL stacking so you can select a planet multiball and mission together. Takes away from the theme integration, but is kind of fun to play with especially with a brutally setup SW.