Skateball Rules - need a refresher

I am wanting to get a Skateball again as has been a while and watched a few videos but they have left out some of the features. The things they left out might be because they are low point features but I would like to understand and learn more about the game.

I understand probably the most part to get a good scoring game but still curious about the following as they were not really touched on:

  • 2 star roll overs on the upper lhs - when do these come into play, how are they activated?
  • when do the 4 “special” inserts come into play - 2 on the outlanes, 1 after 60K and 1 up the top above the top inlanes
  • last the centre drop bank of 3 with those numerous circle and arrow inserts, what triggers first and how do progress

would be nice to understand all of the features better…

can someone explain the above and does another have a good description of all the rules.


How many ways are there to light extra ball? I play one on location where it seems to light randomly and it drives me crazy.

I know it will light after the third set of SKATE drops are completed, in sequence of lighting the saucer L-L-A-B inserts, but it’s not being caused by that.

I keep getting into situations where I build my saucer collect to 100k, intentionally avoid completing the SKATE drops again, but somehow the EB gets lit and the next saucer shot resets the value.

It could be score based, but I’ve had it happen multiple times in a game. Not familiar enough with the settings to know if you can set multiple score based EBs in a game.


My Skateball is on “hard” settings.
A+B+SKATE lights extra ball (= reset saucer value), but the extra ball’s are turned off.
With this setting I will try to make the game harder.

I have no idea about the starr rollovers…

The center bank: you have 3 drop targets. The light in front of it stays lit when you drop the last target. When you light the two arrows, you can shoot the drops for 100k.

Skateball pro tip: NEVER SHOOT AT THIS BANK ON PURPOSE :skull_crossbones:

The bowen tutorial on Skateball is good, I would watch that. I don’t recall anything about the star rollovers and scoring. When I had one (same game that was used at Indisc back in january), I always went for 100k collects and then bonus collects if my misses whiffed enough to give me some solid progress toward multipliers and added bonus. I would also take a look at the inlane switch on the right and see if it’s clipped. If not, you may be able to baby flip the ball (from a cradle) backwards up the inlane and advance your bonus to max. If that doesn’t work, Shatzing the inlane can potentially be safe. I was able to do this (on the one I had) and fairly reliably re-trap up on the left flipper.

Sk8ball is best with EB on easy setting which makes getting to the 100k repeatable saucer exploit extremely hard. I believe the SKATE targets down advance the star rollovers to 1k plus bonus. I remember a bug though if you re-start the game and quick plunge you get credit for 1k rollovers :slight_smile:

thanks for chiming in, will pool the information together and post soon to see if they are any mistakes and updates and create a game rule sheet

Skateball? Backhand the inlane switch until you’re sick of it, right?

Good luck doing that with a rebuilt flipper


I think the last time a Pinballz tech rebuilt a flipper was… before they started working at Pinballz?

I keed, I keed. They fix them up when they get bad enough. Location play for the win!

Clip the switch to make it a one way lane. Simple and works like a charm!

The Game Manual for Skateball is available on the Internet Pinball Database. Have you tried looking at that? I just gave it a quick glimpse and it had a wealth of information regarding scoring. I don’t know if it all has already been discussed, but it’s a resource worth looking at if you are writing up a rule sheet.

What’s the last time you asked an operator if you could have the keys “just so I can open it up and cut this thing here off”?

Good luck with that :wink:

It’s fun to shatz the lane, why take that skill out? Adjusting the lane posts/guides slightly and/or rebuilding the flipper to eliminate the backhand exploit makes more sense to me.

cheers guys,

almost there though still a little confused as the manual uses different points for the B A L L and explains some of it differently and I am still a little confused and on the

  • outlane specials - what activates these manual suggests spelling skate for the 5th time
  • A & B - what are these worth and how to activate
  • Star Roll Overs - when are these lit, what activates them
    Skateball Rules.pdf (888.3 KB)

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here are the complete rules thanks to the help from multiple people