Sharing short playing tips

Next up is better moderation options for regular users (e.g. tell us why something is inaccurate) and actually get a team of moderators going. Soon, I promise! In the meantime: Submit more tips!

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Will do. Dig the app.

awesome app! Hope it takes off.

… and on Twilight Zone the left ramp relights the Piano solid, and flashes the Slot Machine briefly.

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Looks great! Excited about how this may build. One suggestion: The ability to suggest an edit/improvement to an existing tip. Just to correct grammar or maybe add a missing score value to a tip rather than make a whole new tip. I’ll start contributing.

I flagged a couple on STTNG, but maybe someone can confirm…

Choose “Light Lock” before you plunge your first two balls and then “Light Holodeck” on your third. You’ll get multiball every game!” - Would only be relevant if playing a four ball game (fourth “Light Lock” plunge would start multiball)

Learn the shuttle simulation pattern. R-L-R-R-L-L-R-L-R…” - I always thought LLRRLLRLLL was the optimal path?

Love the idea of the tips site by the way. Hoping it will be very useful for those times when you step up to a new machine for the first time.

The first choice in the ST:TNG video mode can be either a left or right, without consequence to the rest of the pattern. I’m not so sure about the 9th choice, but that could also be flexible. I remember it as 2-2-2-1-1-1: 2 lefts, 2 rights, 2 lefts, 1 right, 1 left, 1 right.

I had to go and check to see if R-L-R-R-L-L-R-L-R gives the same points as LLRRLLRLL and it does (w/ extra ball, as well). It just seems harder to memorize.

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After the 30M right before the artifact, it definitely doesn’t matter which way you go. The artifact will be in that numbered cavern no matter which route you take (including e.g. all L). There’s a 3 in a fixed position as well, but I don’t recall the route to it. IIRC it was that 3 that set off the AFM 3 and the SS 3. STTNG’s 3 is a bug AFAIK. Either that or it was possibly intended a clue to Holodeck 3.

It is my remembery that the tunnel pattern is somewhat odd, not directly a pyramid as one might think, but I don’t remember the details. I could be wrong on this. I’m sure it was fully mapped out on rgp a long time ago, though.

Trivia: The initial posted pattern was LLRRLLRRL. I take credit for posting the tweak of the R to the L for the final 30M to rgp. :slight_smile: Not the original pattern, though, don’t remember who did that one.

EDIT: Found the map here (it’s not very user-friendly, though):!searchin/$20tunnel$20map/

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holy crap that’s some data on that link - wow. Definitely will help at league since i SUCK at STTNG :slight_smile:

I also SUCK at STTNG but it’s not because I’m terrible at shuttle simulation that’s for sure :disappointed_relieved:

So if I can remember the stimulation pattern (I like Bowens 2-2-2-1-1-1 tip) I can start losing by hundreds of millions instead of a billion or more :raised_hands:

Alright, I had a bit of time this morning to improve the moderation/flagging part. When all you awesome pinball players click the “flag this” link you can now:

  • Tell us what’s wrong
  • Suggest a better text for the tip (in case there are spelling errors or inaccuracies)

The large PinTips Moderation Team is then better equipped to act!

Thanks for the patience. I hope you all submitted more tips while I was typing this :slight_smile:


website isn’t working for me right now for some reason

Do a refresh in your browser. If that doesn’t work shoot me an email at with whatever details you can provide (screenshot or error messages)

Site’s also down for me, error 502 Bad Gateway.

Whoops, sorry. I accidentally… it doesn’t matter. The site is up and running again :slight_smile:

Here are a few missing tips I’m aware of but don’t know the details if someone is able to add them:

T3: When the game shoots at you I know you’re supposed to mash the trigger back at it for a free 1M. Is this Quick Fire? I notice players who don’t do this so it’s probably worth adding.
TOTAN: The Harem/Genie stack / neverending Genie battle if that’s still applicable. I can’t find out if this is still relevant in 1.4 code since I don’t play it much.
Jack*Bot: Valid playfield multiball trick, is it on MB restart? Soft plunge to jackbot under ramp, to drain, repeat? Am I just crazy, I need to try in TPA I guess.

Thank you to all the helpful players out there. PinTips is almost at 600 tips! But you can still help out!

On the front page you can now click “Machines in need”. That will filter the list below to only show machines with 0, 1 or 2 tips. If you know anything about those games it’s a great place to start contributing. Head over to:

If you happen to be in Crazy Flipper Fingers: You’re currently last on the leaderboard ( ). You better add some tips :slight_smile:

Really great app, Andreas! I love the concept (especially for someone like me who sucks at remembering rules/tips). It’s really cool to see it taking off.

Oh, and I’m in CFF (which is technically a gang and not a league). I’ll try to add some!

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Started putting NEPL up on the board. @stevevt ? @bkerins ? Lets bump us up!