Sharing short playing tips

Since @FunWithBonus shared this on facebook I might as well post here too :slight_smile:

I’m soft-launching my newest project:

It’s a place for pinball players to share tweet-length playing tips with each other. Vote on the best tips and they go to the top. Help new players get started and help create a level playing field by sharing your own tips and tricks!

Works on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Just point your browser to and save it as a bookmark. Then it’s always there for you.

Did I mention that you can use emoji in your tips? Because you can use emoji and it’s awesome (if you’re on a computer just hit colon to find emoji).

Jeremy Williams told me his idea months ago, but I wasn’t convinced until I saw how many leagues had private strategy documents/apps at Pinburgh. Basic game strategies should be out in the open!

It’s still a bit of a work-in-progress. Adding and voting on tips is all done, but I’m still improving how you navigate and browse etc.


Do you ever sleep? :smile:

PinTips is a pretty simple app. It’s literally been no more than 4 days to get to the current point :slight_smile:

With pintips is there a way to correct wrong information?

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Sure is! Click the “Flag?” Link and you can mark a tip as inaccurate or duplicate. Then our legs and active team of moderators (=me) will work it out :slight_smile:


If this gets populated well, the server will likely melt during pinburgh :wink:

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I hope it’ll get a lot use use and I can beef up the server if I get nervous. I expect it to hold up fine though :slight_smile:

tried adding ALI to the list, said the machine already exists. Maybe it’s because alien poker is there?

May I suggest a custom icon so when I bookmark this awesome resource on my phone, that it looks as awesome as it is?!? :smile:

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Sorry, that was a pilot error from this pilot. It’s all better now and I added Ali here: – I didn’t add any tips because I don’t know how to play that game :slight_smile:

That would be amazing… I’m artistically challenged though so I have to find a kind soul willing to help!

I’m more than willing to help… won’t have much time before sunday (big league meet tomorrow) but send me a private message and we can discuss.

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Found at the top of TAF entry: “If chair is unlit, the right inlane lights chair momentarily.”

Is this true??


Yep. Usually the right inlane gets fed by the ramp (which lights the chair solid) so you don’t notice, but it does indeed work that way. Same play mechanic as other Lawlor games like Whirlwind (right inlane -> cellar award) or Funhouse (right inlane -> mirror).


Just when you think you’ve got a game completely figured out…


Never! There’s always something new to learn. :wink:

Actually, I always thought it was a little weird that TAF solidly lights the chair on the easy center ramp shot, because that’s different from the other Lawlor games I mentioned… those require a more difficult upper flipper shot to solidly light their scoops (Whirlwind: Millions Plus ramp; Funhouse: hitting Rudy). So you’d think in TAF, it would take a Millions Plus ramp shot, or perhaps the train crash shot, to solidly light the chair. (And of course, the Millions Plus ramp DOES do it also.) Only thing I can think of is that since TAF was the first real mode-based game, Pat and Larry wanted to make sure casual players got to see lots of the modes, so they made it easier.


yeah it seems he followed that pattern afterwards. Ripleys lights the mode from the right ramp, RCT/monopoly are simple ramps as well

I flagged the AFM tip regarding TA as it doesn’t mention the inner left ramp shot(lock shot) being the Jackpot shot and building up jackpot through ramps and orbits. Just hitting cow/lobster ramps and orbits really doesn’t do much

One of the ideas with the short tips is that you can just add multiple tips. So just add another tip to the effect of: “In Total Annihilation multiball make shots to build up jackpot. Hit lock shot to collect”. The tip you marked isn’t inaccurate – it’s not always possible to fit the entire story into 140 characters :slight_smile:

The tip says to hit any shot for big points which seems inaccurate IMO.