Sharing short playing tips

Thanks to some very fast work from the Pinball Map guys there’s now a “Find on Pinball Map” link whenever you look at a game. It’s at the bottom like here:

When you click it PinTips works with Pinball Map to send you to the Pinball Map region closest to your current gps location and displays any pinball locations in that region where the machine is present. It’s pretty cool stuff.

If the link isn’t there it’s because that machine is not on location anywhere in the Pinball Map database.

In the same manner there’s a link to watch game videos at (thank you @umbilico for that awesome site!) if has any videos listed for the game you’re looking at.

Finally there’s an IPDB link so you can quickly go see photos etc.


Great idea for a site. I can see this really coming in handy for players in tournament scenarios, particularly at an event like Pinburgh. I just spent a bit of time adding all the worthwhile tips I could think of off the top of my head for games that didn’t have much on them.


You’re a machine! Thanks a lot for all the info! I’m hoping to see 1000 tips by the end of September :slight_smile:

As PinTips links to Pinball Map, we’re happy to report that now Pinball Map links back to PinTips! In the location details, underneath each machine is a link to the PinTips entry for that machine Check it out in action here.

We think this will be useful to players who are using the map to find machines they haven’t yet played (or ones they just want to get better at). Thanks for the great site, Andreas! And, as always, thanks to all the people who are driving the data on both of these sites.


I love your site. I may have missed it, but do you have an option to look at types of tips? I see that each tip is tagged (skillshot, secret shot, etc.) so I am wondering if I have an option to look at all tips that correspond that a particular tag. Thank you for your hard work!

I don’t have pages where you can see all tips of a particular type. I figure that people are almost always looking at a specific game because they are about to play it :smile:

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