Seattle Pinball League Finals - live stream this weekend!

What: The Seattle Pinball League is hosting its annual finals, an innovative ladder format with each round having the players duke it out in a four player game, then a three player game, then a two player game. One person eliminated each round, one person joining each round. One champion when it’s all over!
Full rules @


When: Friday Dec 2nd 7:30pm PST Wildcard playoff
Saturday, Dec 3rd streaming all day starting at 10am PST (usually goes until midnight or later PST)

Game List:
The Shadow
Mars Trek

Be sure to tune in if you have a chance, should be a blast!


Cool. Should be a lot of good pinball to watch.
But, I’ll take the “later” of “midnight or later.” In sequence, you’re going to run 18 4-player games, 13 3-player games, and 13 2-player games?

The 4-player games alone are the equivalent duration of a 128-player PAPA-style finals. Not to mention the 3 and 2-player games.

That’s going to be quite the marathon!

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We did the math, and it’s actually the exact same number of total balls played as it was last year, which ended around 1am, EXCEPT this year there are NO TIE BREAKERS, which should speed things along much faster.
Last year - 3 x 4player game x 9 rounds = 108 player-games x 3 = 324 balls
This year - (4player + 3player + 2player) x 12 rounds = 108 player-games x 3 = 324 balls


EDIT: Updated original post with game list

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I wasn’t comparing to last year. Just noting that it’s a lot of pinball. Hooray!

For clarity, the link you provided said elimination Rounds M-Y (= 13 rounds), followed by Round Z which is five 4-player games.

And comparing to prior year… yes, no tie-breakers definitely shortens your event duration. Plus: if you have same # of total balls played, the 3-player and 2-player matches create more opportunities per ball played to have a last-player walk-off ball 3’s than 4-player games.


You scared me there… Somehow our letter-assigner (cough @dbs) missed the letter ‘O’… so it is indeed 12 rounds haha

Another benefit is theoretically the better, longer playing players will gain immunity sooner (like in the first four player game), and thus average game time will be shorter. Also the walk-off effect as you mentioned.

You can tell I’m pumped :smiley:

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Will tonight’s wildcard event be streamed?

It be on now…


Live bracket here:

Bracket doesn’t seem to be updating.

It’s fine now, thx.

It looks right to me? We’re on round Q

Awesome format…enjoyed what I’ve watched so far.

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and we are down… haven’t been that tired for a while! over 16 hours of pinball today!

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Had it on most of the day. Thanks for the stream.

Big ups to Matt Cohn for the best commentator of the day and to Bobby Connover (sp?) for sticking it out to the end on the mic. Oh, and to Raymond Davidson for winning.

Final bracket only shows games 1 and 2 of round Z. If Raymond won, where did the others finish?

@raydaypinball 1 (Raymond) 14 + TB
@KCB 2 (Kevin) 14
@hisokajp 3 (Germain)
@Ganparse 4 (Jarret)

There were 2-3 points between Germain and Jarret, I believe.

I really enjoyed watching the wildcard and the finals. I had to leave to go play in my own league, so it was great to see today that I could watch the saved videos on Twitch and see the finale.

Congrats on your victory!
And… Told you so! :wink:

Yeah, turns out having @KCB in since the beginning round adds a few hours to the tournament :stuck_out_tongue: Although I think the time to change camera between games was also a factor. Next year we might invest in setting a camera on each game sort of thing

You guys did a great job - great players, great commentary, and a really cool format made for an excellent stream. Keep it up!


Sorry to bump this, but check out this qualifying format I am running in a few months:

Format Details:

For all rounds, groups of four play a randomly chosen game in a randomly chosen order.

The winner of the first game receives 7 points for the round and their round is over. The remaining 3 players will continue on to a second game.

The 2nd place player from game 1 has game/order for second game (then 3rd, then 4th)

Winner of game 2 receives 4 points for the round and their round is over. 2nd place from game 2 has game/order for third game (then 3rd)

Winner of game 3 gets 2 points, loser gets 1 point and the round is over