Seaside Champ III: Important dates and info

This thread became obsolete by the Match Play functionality released today.

Seaside Champ is the two day annual open group match play championship organized by Monterey Flipper Pinball at Lynn’s Arcade in Seaside, CA. Seaside Champ III is an IFPA endorsed tournament limited to 72 players.

This year we’re extending the Seaside Sideshows with one additional tournament during the day on Friday. The sideshows are organized independently from Seaside Champ while respecting the schedule of the main event. Thursday Night Strikes is a weekly tournament for the folks who want to show up early and spend time on the games and hang out in the arcade.

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Thursday December 14th

  • 7pm - Thursday Night Strikes: 3 strikes head-to-head knockout (IFPA)

Friday December 15th

Saturday December 16th

  • 11am - Seaside Champ III: Qualifying (IFPA)
    Purchase your ticket via Eventbrite from 11/1/23 10am PT
  • 30min after qualifying - Seaside Sideshow: Fair Strikes Group Knockout (IFPA)
    Sign up via from 11/1/23 10am PT

Sunday December 17th

  • 11am - Seaside Champ III: Playoffs
  • Noon - Seaside Sideshow: Turf Masters Pingolf (IFPA)
    Sign up via from 11/1/23 10am PT
  • 8pm - Seaside Sideshow: Turf Masters Finals

The most up-to-date information about Seaside Champ III will be on Eventbrite. Follow Lynn’s Arcade on Instagram to stay informed and for live coverage during the event.

The IFPA calendar entries contain all the relevant information for the Seaside Sideshows, including fees and registration. Entry into the Seaside Sideshows does NOT require a Seaside Champ III ticket as we expect participants playing à la carte.

Important: Seaside Champ III is limited to 72 players. Turf Masters is limited to 40 players. The rest of the Seaside Sideshows and Thursday Strikes is not limited. If you don’t have a Seaside Champ ticket you need to pay admission to the arcade for each day if you’re only playing in a sideshow. Costs are detailed in the IFPA entries.


Hot dang, I got tickets, so I’ll be there

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Is there a place to see the wait list?

I have not seen a player list yet. I’ll check with Matt & Cary to see what is going on.