SCS Tourneys Played/Avg Points Statistics

I was looking over the SCS statistics and noticed a couple anomalies.

The “Points” column seems to accurately reflect the points earned by a player from all tourneys they competed in a given state for the current year.

The “Events” column seems to cap out at 20 even if there were more than 20 events played in a given state by a particular player.

The “Avg. Points” column for the SCS also seems to use 20 as the amount of games for any value in the “Events” column greater than 20.

Not that any statistic other than the Total Points for a state really matters, but it would be interesting to see who has participated in the most events in a given year and what is the true average.

EDIT: I keep the original post, but my assumption about how the SCS points are calculated was completely wrong. It is only the best 20 in that state, whereas I thought all the events counted in the state.

Do you have an example of where the Points column is showing a total of more than 20 events? Looking at NY at least it seems to limit to 20

Ok, I see I am completely wrong. I just read the SCS rules again. I thought all the events counted for the SCS total not just the best 20 in the state.

My apologies for the confusion.

It used to be all events and they changed it after the first two years.

There was some discussion of how only taking the top 20 results affected the state rankings 4 years ago when the rule went into effect. I’m not sure if anyone in that thread looked at the average points.

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