SCS brackets/streams/updates


Looks like Ohio just finished up!

Top four-

  1. Don Johnson
  2. Ryan Case
  3. Aleksander Kaczmarczyk
  4. Tommy Bizzi



Jeeey Bernard
John Esposito
Tim Sexton
Mark Carvey


Alex Huffman
Tim Street
Mike Gray
Chris Warren
Ours went from 12 noon to about 7PM.



  1. Kevin Birrell
  2. Colin Urban
  3. Erik Graciosa
  4. Daniel Rone


And the picture to prove it. Make us proud at Nationals @Shep! We’ll all be rooting for you!


MO finals.
1 Chris Basler
2 Josh Noble
3 Adam McKinnie
4 Kendell Holder


Woohoo! Was fortunate to be able to repeat, and this year I don’t have a schedule conflict with Nationals.


  1. Me
  2. Mark Meserve
  3. Phil Grimaldi
  4. Robert Byers


Space Station has that covered. No inlanes ever!



  1. Mike Haycock (has won 3 out of 4 years now)
  2. Jason Provencher
  3. Seth Clayter
  4. Nate Straz


so what happened in IL? Is there a bracket online somewhere?


I’m just glad our dad didn’t unintentionally coach @pinwizj into collecting his crank it up for the win. Sorry brotha!


Oh no. What?


@pinwizj … In CIU, P2 ball 3, chose to continue instead of collect on a collect value that would have won, because he mistakenly thought Z had more points than he actually did. Doh! Can’t blame Lyman for that one. :wink:


I even mentioned to Zach just as I was starting CIU that I really wish I took an extra moment to check out our score difference. I was pretty confident I knew what my deficit was . . . I was wrong :slight_smile:


Now I’m curious if you can check scores in the status menu during CIU. I’ve never thought to check that.

That UHF clip would play well in @BMU’s Weird Al dream theme pin!


I was in a situation on Kiss on Tuesday night where we were playing a tiebreaker and I was in Love Gun and trying to see where I was to the other player (I was p2 ball 3). Wound up with a ball on each flipper and rode out status report, and there was no 4-player score at all, so I can easily see this being the case for Metallica.


what’s up with Josh and the CIU meltdown? :S


so KME had to back out? or you made sure he couldn’t get into the house? :smiley:


Makes me feel better about leaving it lit in game 3 of the PAPA 17 finals.

I can only imagine what score I thought I needed that day to win . . . and had this happened there, I would have rented a gun and bought a bullet :slight_smile:


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