SCS brackets/streams/updates


I would play as a normal 2 player game unless the better playing NBA is available and then I would choose that machine to play on against my opponent in linked mode.


This is easy:

“Linked mode NBA Fastbreak is not an eligible form of competition for SCS”

The end :slight_smile:


Haha. I love if that rule was just written for us.

We only allow it for a single 2 player game anyways. Linked pair is for after hours dollar games and the reason we created our upcoming march madness bracket tournament on just this linked pair was so they could be used as a linked pair in competition.


Rookie question and maybe not the place to ask but if the ball jumps over the outlane ball guides on Ghostbusters, does that count as a minor or major malfunction or neither?

The machine we are using in Iowa’s tournament is pretty fresh and we get a ton of bricks off the Scoleri’s as well.


That’s ghostbusters. Play on. Try backhanding the targets. Not near as many bricks.


If you hit the right captive ball and get symmetrical book stacking wait for it to time out. No reason to bring up the Scoleri bros in a tournament setting.


What @chuckwurt said. Air balls are part of pinball, the ball is wild, play on.


My first year as the rep for North Carolina and I want to thank @pinwizj , @GApinball , @triadwatch , @alwysmooth and the many others who answered a lot of my questions ! I also want to thank our site Flippers in the Outerbanks for being such an easy and nice bunch of folks to work with!

We’ll start around 11am EST.

Stream: (If site upload speed is poor, we’ll try a hotspot or forced to record local and will upload to youtube)

Obviously game changes can occur at anytime…

Stern Kiss LE
Metallica LE
Mustang Pro
Cactus Canyon
Medieval Madness (Original)
Attack from Mars(?)
Capt. Fantastic (EM)


I completely agree. I have been waiting out book stacking because the reward is very rarely worth the risk.


bracket has been made! Follow along with us! It starts at 2pm


North Carolina scs
Drew Cedolia vs. Andrew Pancoast semi
Kevin Shanus vs Levi Nayman semi


live updates for Louisville can be found on the Louisville pinball facebook page:


North Carolina Champion is Levi Nayman


MA champ is Mitch Curtis.


When did you guys start? KY isnt close to being done yet.


Apparently you guys needed to remove the inlane guides like CA does :wink:


We just started later in the day, because Saturdays are for sleeping in.


California is upset city! All top 4 seeds gone in round 1.


Vermont started at 10 am, because I got to decide when Vermont started. :smiley: Wrapped up close to 4 pm.


  1. Steve Daniels
  2. Eric Marz
  3. Nick Pizzuti
  4. Bill McHugh



  1. @Shep
  2. @jrb
  3. Me!!
  4. Eric Ramey