SCS brackets/streams/updates


Wanted to make a post that compiles any of the current info we can find for the tournaments.


New York (upstate):

Michigan: SCS brackets/streams/updates
New York:
Oregon: SCS brackets/streams/updates
West Virginia:


Updated with a couple links to facebook events or other websites.


Full bracket for MI is here:

Can’t promise I’ll keep it 100% updated on the day of if I end up going far.


Here is OR, assuming everyone confirms (thanks for the spreadsheet Adam!)


I like Challonge for this kinda stuff.

You guys are going double rather than single? Best of 7 in the winners best of 3 in the losers?

Here is Ontario.


IFPA specifies that all ties have to be played out this year.


Ah, just read that, whats the reasoning behind that @pinwizj


In the past we made it ‘IFPA Rep choice’ for whether matches got played out or not.

This then of course led to that not being communicated properly, and we ran into MULTIPLE states where we had player complaints where players left after they were eliminated, only to find out that they were playing everything out, but the player says that the IFPA Rep never made everyone aware of it, blah blah, drama, fun stuff.

I figured might as well force the issue and make it part of the program, and now players are welcome to just leave at their leisure if they don’t want to play any of the consolation brackets, but know that there’s no ambiguity as to why they will be put in 16th place if they do that.


Ahhhh, more CYA basically :grinning:
Ok I’ll leave it up to the participants on if they want to bother playing it out or not for Ontario.


Now you’re speakin my language :wink:


@heyrocker when you update the bracket you posted here, does it automatically update on this page too? Because I’ll just link to this page if that’s the case.


It’s not really “double elimination” as there’s no way for a loser in the main bracket to improve their standing. Once you lose in the main bracket, you’re relegated to 3/4, 5-9, 11-16.

I do like the fact that you’re guaranteed to play against 4 different people, even if it is just a BO1. It’s a rare occasion that all the best players go out to the same tournament.

edit: Just noticed the rules state all matches must be BO3, edited original document accordingly.


Yes it will update here.


added PA bracket


COnnecticut bracket :

Connecticut stream: http:/


Vermont bracket:

Vermont stream:


You’re funny Steve.


Final Seedings for the North Carolina State Pinball Championship on February 13th at Flippers in Grandy N.C. Starting at noon. Will do challonge on day of tourney because I did all the prep and someone was a no show at last minute so had to add them in at last minute

#1 Sunshine Bon VS.
#16 Jeff Leone

#8 Scott Sikora VS.
#9 Tyler Wilkins

#4 Drew Cedolia VS.
#13 Andrew OConnor

#5 Keith Brown VS
#12 Chris Sterner

#2 Kevin ShanusVS.
#15 Malik Berger

#7 John Loiacano VS.
#10 Jeff Gerding

#3 Andrew Pancoast VS.
#14 Ken Harris

#6 Tony Pierce VS.
#11 Kevin Kuntz

John Bowes
Brent Sorensen

Here is the breakout for the seedings after the first round

Second round pairings are as follows:

1/16 winner vs. 8/9 winner, 2/15 winner vs. 7/10 winner,
3/14 winner vs. 6/11 winner, 4/13 winner vs. 5/12 winner

Third round pairings are as follows:

1/8/9/16 winner vs. 4/5/12/13 winner,
2/7/10/15 winner vs. 3/6/11/14 winner

Fourth round pairing are as follows:

Two winners of round 3 play for the State Championship
Two losers of round 3 player in the Consolation Final for 3rd/4th place. Best out of three for consolation 3rd and 4th place


There’s a whole lot more consolation than this.

(A windfall for Flippers! And they deserve it, too.)


Just took from last years and put in new people in brackets, trying to not remind me of the marathon that will be on Saturday the 13 th. Last year we did not have any ties because we did a 8 person bracket with one game top 2 play other to 2 for 9-12 and bottom 2 played for 13-16 . Then people had time to play in charity tournament but looks like this year we are going to have to play match play all the way to 16 th place .