SCS brackets/streams/updates


West Virginia:



“Today’s the day!” BUMP
We got Upstate New York players playing in Vermont, New Jersey, and Connecticut today


Wasn’t going to stream CA but got my mobile rig working finally! on LOTR until finals at which point we’ll try to move it from game to game.

Bracket at


NJ bracket is now live


NV will be live at 1pm PT:


ok these are all the streams I know of:

CA -
ME -
GA -
CT -

any others?


Oregon bracket


I managed to clinch the CT championship! Nick Queiroz took 2nd. We bumped those pesky NY players Jerry Bernard and Bruce Nightingale to 3rd and 4th respectively. :slightly_smiling:


New national championship this year - Robert Gagno went down in round 1 of BC provincials.


This guy took out 3 SHARPE’s and won Illinois.


and Massachusetts…


Alabama update.It’s a three-peat baby!

There were some real upsets. We lost seeds 1,4,5,7,8 in the first round. Our #1 seed finished 9th and our #16 seed finished 4th!


Florida State Finals (as reported):

Atticus Palmer 1st,
Shannon Stafford 2nd,
Sebastian Bobbio 3rd,
Jeff Palmer 4th.


California, (or Italians do it better):

  1. Karl DeAngelo
  2. Jim Belsito
  3. Dominic DiPalantino
  4. Keith Elwin

Thanks to Jim & Damien for hosting, and to Karl for streaming. Nice commentary by Jeff F-f-f.


Resurrecting this topic. Ohio this year isn’t having any streaming, but as usual I’ll have the challonge bracket updated live.


Here’s this year’s Vermont bracket:

And here’s a list of the machines for this event. Subject to change, of course.

Amazon Hunt
Attack From Mars
Demolition Man
Dirty Harry
Iron Man
Joker Poker
Metallica (Pro)
Mustang (Pro)
The Shadow
Surf 'n Safari
World Cup Soccer


Great balance! I wish the location we are at this year had that amount of era diversity but we will work with what we got


TX SCS pins and Pinbot Cup side tournament will be include the following pins, subject to physical pin condition as of the date of the event. The pins designated for the side tourney will be unavailable for SCS, and vice versa.

Addams Family
Banzai Run
Batman Dark Knight
Black Knight
Black Rose
BS Dracula
Capt Fantastic
Cirqus Voltaire
Creature FTBL
Dirty Harry
Doctor Who
El Dorado
Fireball Classic
Fish Tales
Game of Thrones LE
Ghostbusters (Pro)
Haunted House
High Speed
High Speed II: Getaway
Indiana Jones (Williams)
Jurassic Park
KISS (Bally)
Lost in Space
Lost World
Medieval Madness
NBA Fastbreak
Nitro Groundshaker
Pirates of the Caribbean
Revenge from Mars
Road Show
Scared Stiff
Silverball Mania
Space Shuttle
Star Trek (BLY)
Star Trek (Stern)
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Target Pool
The Sopranos
Twilight Zone
Walking Dead
Wizard of Oz

Player pairings can be found here:


Kentucky’s SCS will most probably use a matchplay.event setup.

Details can be found here:

Twilight Zone
Medieval Madness
Can Crusher
Stern Star Trek Premium
The Hobbit
Game of Thrones LE
Wizard of Oz
Walking Dead LE
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Attack from Mars
Bally Star Trek
Dolly Parton
Six Million Dollar Man