SCS brackets/streams/updates


Anyone know when they’re supposed to start playing/streaming?


10 am local time = warmup
11 am local time = round 1


Is there somewhere I can find a tournament bracket/match results?





I really don’t feel like this is the place to air personal grievances.


Agree, will flag for deletion. Tilt Forums not the spot.



Beat you to it.


Who won each tournament?


Not sure if folks want to avoid spoilers (is there a standard grace period before posting results for this kind of event?), so I refer you to the Challonge brackets, which are up-to-date.

The full video is in on Twitch, but if you want to check out Game 7 of the Women’s finals (on Royal Guard!), here is the link: (starts at 2:44:58)

There was also a great game on Sorcerer in the semi-finals between Escher Lefkoff and Karl DeAngelo: (starts at 3:11:43)


Time to dust off this thread. :slight_smile:
@PinballNarcissist can you make this thread a wiki so that people can update the links to their bracket and stream for the 2018-2019 SCS?


I’ll try and remember when I get home…or a mod could do it maybe?




ohio added to new year. If anyone has any links to old brackets from previous years, please add them to the initial post :slight_smile:


are the final updates somewhere? Didn’t see IFPA website updated yet


Added NC, we should have a much better streaming setup this year with two rigs running higher quality playfield cams.


The bracket for the District of Columbia has been added.


I added the ones I found in Challonge. We’re up to 19!


I just added OR


Added Maryland.


I just added a bunch from last year. Including two provinces.