SCS brackets/streams/updates


Do I give Sean the yellow card NOW for the headlamp, or wait until someone complains first? Decisions . . . decisions . . . :slight_smile:


He’s the reason why I got bounced in the first round. I could see it in KY.


Instead of yellow cards for headlamps, everyone has to play with a Centaur on either side in attract mode. With LEDs.


Made a few edits. Note there could be more byes if no one goes from some states or provinces, and all seeds are subject to change due to decliners.


South Carolina

  1. Joe Albertson
  2. Marcelo Hazan
  3. James Lawrence
  4. Kenneth Grant



North Carolina SCS , highlight is 7 game final
between Drew and Trent.


Added section for where the rest of the top 25 who did not make the Nationals finished.


Unless they change their minds between now and then, PA will not be represented at Nationals. Jon is going to LAX and I believe Cryss is as well.


Not planning on attending nationals? Shouldn’t have competed in states then!


that’s nonsense.

There was a trophy, cash, and the title of state champion to be won.


Petey are you going to LAX or Vegas?

EDIT: forgot to add my wink in my prior comment


Probably Vegas. Someone has to represent Pennsylva…errr… West Virginia :wink:


Hogwash. For many it may not be possible or practical to spend the time or money for Nationals, especially for anyone on the East Coast as long as Nationals is in Vegas. Saying that you shouldn’t compete in States if you don’t plan on attending Nationals would deprive a lot of people the chance to cash in on a year of good tournament results, and probably would deter more than a few from even trying any more.


Apologies for not clarifying my sarcasm in that comment!

p.s. I’m not being sarcastic in apologizing


No worries, I couldn’t tell so I thought it best to make a point anyway. That exact comment has been made locally as well, though without the sarcasm.


For anyone interested here’s the current collection of media pieces that have hit this year:


A fail is nothing for North Carolina BUT we are producing a video with footage from SCS and our next Belles event for marketing/promotion.


Here are the semi-finals and finals of the Alabama SCS with commentary. Semi match is Chris Warren vs.Scott Mount and the games are DM, I500, FT, TWD, S-M. The finals match is father/son Scott Mount vs. Addison Mount and the games are DM, TZ, IM, TS, EK.


Where are the finals and pinmasters being streamed? iepinball?