SCS brackets/streams/updates


Good luck to everyone playing in an SCS as well as all of the TD’s this weekend! It is one of my 2018 pinball goals to qualify for a SCS next year, and I am excited to check out all of the pinball streams on Saturday.


There’s generally a casual WV/PA/OH bracketology done in Pittsburgh - I will be joining it this year and once I get my picks in we can compare notes on OH!


California bracket:


I’m sure @haugstrup could whip up some predictions using the fancy new matchplay rating system!


DMD Extenders on all games i hope! :smiley:


Wisconsin Bracket:

No streaming


I know I have seen people put match status in challonge (aka one player has 3 wins and the other 2) but I haven’t figure out how. Anyone?


There’s a pen icon to the right of the player names in the bracket. Click that. Then switch to the “Report Scores” tab and enter wins for each player.


When I do that, it auto-selects a winner which I then have to unselect to just edit the status. Is there a way to get around that? I know I’m going to screw that up.


I’ve no idea. I’ve only used Challonge in order to test importing for Match Play Ratings :stuck_out_tongue:


Im sure in time matchplay will do anything challonge can do but better. :grin:


I’d like to ask a question about “playing out positions” and if there is a strictly enforced format for determining 3rd through 16th.

The rules site says:

The 3rd/4th place Consolation Final will be played as a best-of-three instead of a best-of-seven like all other rounds, using the same rules. All other finishing positions will also be played out in best-of-three matches to also determine 5th through 16th place.

We have two options if we’re going to play out positions:

  • Round you get knocked out determines best possible finishing position: i.e. Round 1 - Play out 9-16; Round 2 - Play out 5-8; Round 3 - Play out 3-4; Round 4 - Championship for 1-2.
  • Style it like a Wrestling Bracket where there is a Consolation that can be fought thought, but the best you can do is 3rd place. It essentially mirrors double elimination but best you can do on the loser’s side is 3rd.



My follow-up question is how far you go down the list of alternates to determine who goes to Nationals. The wording on the site says “If the IFPA State Champion is unable to attend the IFPA National Championship, the runner-up at the State Championship will be allowed to participate and serve as the representative of that state.” Do you ever go beyond Top 2 to 3rd or 4th to determine who goes?

I would personally think it would be better to allow the consolation bracket to allow people to fight their way back to 3rd place even after getting knocked out in Round 1 or 2 but I want to ensure we don’t violate anything if we choose to structure the rules that way.


As far as I know, only the top 2 get the choice to attend Nationals.



Only top 2 have the option for nationals.

As for playing it, I believe I already have a bracket that works through all of this.


Kind of late to finalize things, but we got the Utah SCS game lineup officially locked in last night. We’ll have:

  • Big Game
  • Sharkey’s Shootout
  • Star Trek Pro
  • Elvira and the Party Monsters
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Royal Flush
  • Gulfstream
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Pro
  • Whirlwind
  • Solar City
  • High Speed
  • X-Men LE

It’s pretty good spread of games. I would have liked to have one more classic SS game, but in the end I have been sick and couldn’t drag my Genie to the location in time early enough to let people play on it before the event. I decided that all eligible games needed to be on location by Thursday to make it so everybody could go see the games ahead of Saturday.


The Tennessee guys put out this trailer video about SCS that I thought was super cool. Ck it out!


No. The SCS single elimination bracket format doesn’t work that way. First round losers Play out head to head bracket to determine 9th-16th. They cannot finish better than 9th.
Same goes for 5-8th. And for 3rd/4th.

Double elimination style formats are great, but SCS isn’t one of them.


NY State Bracket:
Live Stream:


IL bracket:-
IL streaming - @DEADFLIP? :slight_smile:


One last quick question. Venue has 14 machines. Assume we are in the first round on game 3. The loser wants to pick T2, but it’s currently being played. Are we allowed to wait until that game finishes or is the player forced to pick a different game?