SCS brackets/streams/updates


Players can queue up on games.


RI Bracket -

We are playing out all positions. No stream. Good luck today, all!


Can I just say how much I love state champs day? So much fun watching all the results pour in and hearing everyone’s reports.


My favorite tournament of the year by far. Good luck everyone!!


Pennsylvania SCS is underway! New venue (no clubhouse), but same intense tournament action.




@dbs went with his trusted Excel, individual game score will be updated:

WA bracket:


First round exit for this guy. Had a great match that went to 7. Louisville is repsrenting strong in KY all are still alive with only one out because two met in round one.


Massachusetts results are in- Augustus Eustis is the MA Champion. 2nd Chuck Webster, 3rd Noah fiedler, 4th Anthony Radzicki. Great day here- a major airline’s inflight magazine (can’t say who yet because of confidently agreement) is doing their March cover story on the resurgence of pinball and was at the event all day taking pictures. I was told their readership is 6.5 million impressions. who knew so many people read those magazines.


Was really hoping for something different this year, but 3rd year in a row of getting 4th. Competition is getting tougher each year.


4th is nothing to sneeze at in RI- you had some heavy hitters.


And the KY SCS title goes to Shepherd!! He defends his title!! :slight_smile:
Congrats Shep!!



Props to @Shep called his shot and made it. Well done sir. Getting crazy competitive in KY!


Vermont results:

  1. Steve Daniels
  2. Eric Marz
  3. Nick Pizzuti
  4. Matt Saltus



  1. Andy Lee
  2. Rod Lawrence
  3. Aaron Burke
  4. Mike Szilagyi


Delaware crowned its first ever State Champion, Rob DeStasio(from NJ). 2nd went to Pete Tsipouras, and 3rd went to Tom DeStasio. This was a great first State Tournanent. Everyone had a great time. I had a second round exit and finished 5th overall.



Made a Google Spreadsheet anybody can edit to track all winners.

2017-18 SCS/PCS Winners

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I can’t seem to edit it on my phone.

1st - Adam Lefkoff
2nd - Escher Lefkoff
3rd - Donavan Stepp
4th - Ryan Wanger


Pic from Deborah

What a great final round where Trent Augenstein won the North Carolina SCS against Drew Cedolia went all the way to game 7 on 4 million BC



  1. David Daluga (repeat champion)
  2. Eric Strangeway
  3. Tom Graf
  4. Ian Seidler