Scores from Individual Pinburgh Games?

Hi Everyone. I’ll start out by saying I loved Pinburgh this year and I appreciate all of the work that the entire team puts into it. I can’t wait until next year.

Is there any way that the PDFs of the scoresheets from Pinburgh can be scanned and shared? I realize that it’s about 1750 sheets, but I would be very interested to help create a public data set that includes all of the scores from the qualifying rounds to help give a view of the individual scores on a game for prep in future events. I know that Pinburgh is about playing against the three people in your match, but when I step up to a game, it would be good to understand what kind of scoring ranges have been put up in the past. Plus, with the individual game scores, you can have all sort of fun with numbers and analysis of banks, divisions, incoming IFPA rankings, and any other dimensional data related to the event.

Is something like this possible? Thanks in advance!


Yeah, for some games you may be able to infer a dominant strategy from the scores. At least from maybe a top segment of the scores.

I’m not sure we even held onto the score sheets. I’ll ask the desk folks.

Official word is that they are gone.

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I keep having more reasons to take photos of all my score sheets :slight_smile:

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I would also guess that 15-20% of the score sheets would need to be tossed anyway, since many players did not record their scores.

So, we also tossed the other 80-85% :wink:

It’s probably the right choice given that in previous years we held on to the sheets then never did anything. If you’re coming next year, Corey, we can give you a present at the end of the tournament!


Agree that it would be interesting, but not sure how much reliability you could place on comparison between games in different groups. It’s so situational. As you’ll probably remember Corey, we were waiting to play Austin Powers whilst a B division (?) group finished their game with scores in the hundreds of millions, then we put up scores much lower. You also have cases where player 4 may just plunge off.

Still, I have photos of all my game sheets this year (and last) and happy to contribute them to a public repository if someone wants to analyse!

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Heads up! Long post with pictures (and graphs!)

@PAPA_Doug: Thanks for checking on the sheets.

@bkerins : I won’t be winning Pinburgh next year, so I would be very happy to receive a consolation prize of 3 reams of paper worth of scores.

I certainty agree with @wizcat that it’s situational depending on the match, and I think that’s what makes it so interesting. You can use factors like “points earned” to get context behind the scores you are seeing.

Here’s a chart from weeks 8 and 9 of the NFL Season, sorted by points scored.

If you add in a color to represent wins and losses, it becomes that much more interesting. The Giants scored 49 against New Orleans and still lost, but Seattle score 13 and won.

In the NFL, they play until the whistle.

However, in Pinball the final player in a group may not have to play ball 3, or they might play until they win and stop. Sports that are like this are baseball and cricket. In baseball, you skip the 9th inning if you have enough runs, or you might play the final inning and have a walk-off where at that point, you stop trying to earn runs because you’ve won. Cricket is similar in that the team batting second either runs out of wickets, or they earn enough runs to stop playing. Baseball is (usually) low scoring, so I took data from the 2015 Cricket 20Twenty matches and noted which wins were the result of earning enough runs so that they stop playing (“win by wickets”).

So in Pinball, it’s a similar concept. If Player #4 wins the match, they ether did so by not playing Ball 3, or by winning on Ball 3 (a walk-off). If we know the position of the player, we can designate the win as such.

That all being said, I scraped the data from A Finals this year because we know all of those pieces of information.

Here’s a straight ahead one: Nitro Groundshaker

Aliens, where Karl had a crushing score, and we see a few either plunged balls or “walk-offs” where those scores could have been higher had the ball been played out.

Family Guy, where you wonder how many points Keith would have gotten had he played Ball 3:

Batman, where the top three scores were in the same group:

With the full data set, we can also look at other pieces of information like incoming IFPA Rank, Round #, Division, Affiliation, etc.

If people found these charts interesting, I can post pictures of all the A Finals games along with the Excel sheet.


Good ole “Aliens” (Alien Star). This is super cool, thanks for working on all this! The Batman data is particularly interesting, I sometimes wonder if these big scores clump because the other players knew they were chasing big and had to go for high-risk stuff … but then again, on Batman there’s not many changes people will make strategically.

53M last for Cayle on Batman > two different first-place scores for Jason in the final rounds.

I don’t think I ever saw Batman played on the feed. Were most folks choosing to try a super skill (to Joker I would imagine) or simply taking the 2x from the plunge?

I didn’t pay attention but I can assure you that no one in their right mind would go for the super skill in a finals situation. 2x2x = 4x Joker supers, and while 3x3x = 9x, good luck winning if you miss the super skill and end up with 1x*1x supers.

Tell that to my 36 million Joker Super Jackpot from PAPA 14 qualifying :slight_smile:

Am I wrong in thinking you can get 3x from the super skill shot on any of the three options? My memory of this is hazy, but I feel like I screwed up the Joker 2x on ball 2, entered ball 3 very close to Joker, so I super skill plunged to get the 3x. Then picked up “Light Multipliers” early during the multiball… and 6x*6x = 36x.

That’s in qualifying though, would you take that risk in match play?

If I’m way behind and that’s the best chance to catch up, heck yeah! Especially if I’ve already wasted the 2x Joker, it could be a way through.

That BDK also had no ball saver and inlane/outlane posts removed.

Looking at incoming IFPA rank? Please, no. I don’t want the official award of highest IFPA rank and lowest finish, which I most probably earned!

Which one, the PAPA 14 one? Because the PAPA 14 one had all that … and lightning flippers :wink:

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If it’s possible, I’ve never tried it, but will tonight. The shooter insert stays lit solid whether you reg skill or (sucessfully) super skill, I always thought that meant you were locked out of choosing that one again for the remainder of the game—provided one wasn’t playing a ball 4 from an EB or something.

Even if it’s an easy short plunge to a catch and one shot to the drop? It’s riskier obviously but if you miss starting Joker MB on that ball, you’re screwed either way since you chose that regular skill shot and wasted it.

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Well, I looked over the results from Pinburgh and lo and behold, I found players ranked higher than me who finished worse. Hard to believe, as badly as I played. I went into Pinburgh2016 ranked 208 and my result was 267th, or tied for 91st in B division.

Happy to help make you feel better! :smiley:

EDIT: You were seed 91 and I was 105, but I was going by you saying you were 208 – I was up to 201 by the time Pinburgh started.

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