ReplayFX/Pinburgh Tourist Advice


Wanted to start a thread for people to ask about things to do in Pittsburgh around ReplayFX/Pinburgh.

One of the benefits of ReplayFX is that you’re actually in Pittsburgh instead of 10 miles out in strip mall/highway land. Plenty of cool places to eat, drink, and wander; and lots of things for people to do while their spouse/parent is beating up the Pinburgh banks if they’ve had enough arcade fun.

So if you have general questions, post them here and we’ll try to help!

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General Pinburgh Tips

If you want to make a longer excursion, I highly recommend heading out to Fallingwater. It’s about an hour outside of Pittsburgh and it is truly stunning.


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Any good vegetarian options near the convention center?


Is there anywhere within walking distance of the convention to buy a small portable chair?

Also, what arcade games should be played in 4 player split flipper fashion this year? 2 X 2 karate champ was highly rewarding.


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Damn! There’s gotta be something.


Whenever I am in Pitt for work, I like to go to Tana at least once. It is not near the convention center, 16min drive), but good vegetarian selection (assuming you like Ethiopian).


I do love Ethiopian food, but I think that’s going to be a little out of the way for me. I’m staying around the South Side Flats (according to Google maps) and won’t have a car. Sounds like I’m gonna have to get creative.


It’s downtown so there are a variety of walkable options.

Nicky’s Thai Kitchen - 3 min walk
Sree’s Foods (Indian) - 3 min walk
Sushi Kim - 5 min walk

Plenty of veg-friendly fast food within a 5-10 min walk also. Penn Station, Jimmy John’s, Qdoba, Subway, Bruegger’s, etc.

On Google maps, drop your location at Penn Ave at 10th St and use street view to roam around the area.


We do love our meat, but we actually have enlightened food as well, especially downtown (near the convention center) and on the south side.

Sree’s is an institution; don’t be put off by the styrofoam takeout boxes. Last ReplayFX I followed Yelp to a literal hole in the wall called Bombay Gyros and Lunch Box, which is stumbling distance from the convention center and pretty darn good. Both of these are curry-based take out places with some seating and good vegetarian options.

I’ll give it some more thought when I have some more free time. Also, Yelp is a decent resource around Pittsburgh.


With french fries in between…


…and an entire block of cheddar melted on top.


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Those are great choices! We excelled at 4p Asteroids last year (rotate left, rotate right, thrust, fire)


Oh good! Sounds like there are plenty of things near by that are vegetarian friendly. Hard to go wrong with Thai and Indian. Thanks for the tips!


Kayla make sure to check the hours of that Thai restaurant. It was closed at certain times in the afternoon.


Good lookin’ out. Thanks!


Where do I go for the best “Pittsburgh salad” / “Yinzer salad”? I forget who caters at PAPA but, they served me my first Yinzer and it’s turned into a pinburgh tradition for some of us ATX people.