Remote Heads-Up Challenge!

Are you bummed the IFPA Heads-Up Championships had to be canceled this year? I know I am, but through the power of technology I got to face Escher remotely in an epic Batman ‘66 Battle! You can catch the vod on my twitch channel (raydaypinball), it was pretty awesome.
If anyone is curious how to do this, I can help point you to the guides I followed to get it up and running, it uses a thing called rtmp, which was amazingly simple.


Wow, really cool!

Cancelled?? I thought it was just postponed :slight_smile:


Yes, please :slight_smile:

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Yeah would love to set this up on my stream too.

I’d be into trying this with someone. Available games: TNA, TZ, WCS, AC/DC, Iron Man, Doodle Bug (ha!), Old Chicago, Avatar, Congo.

Pleeeeease give me the heads-up Doodle Bug content that I crave.


You still got the doodle bug Erik? Doodle duel!

Here is the guide I followed:

I’m using a raspberry pi as my server, was easy to set up just have to make sure you enable port forwarding for the rtmp port on your router


I got Dipsy doodle. Who wants some?!?


I’ve got a Doodle Bug but no streaming gear. :slightly_frowning_face:

Awesome. I think I got this working in my own tests tonight. Hopefully I will try with another streamer soon.

Me and Ryan might be able to make this happen on Dipsy/doodle bug

Here’s my list for others that can stream and want to battle:

Grand Prix
Royal flush
Jungle queen
Odds and evens
High hand
Stranger Things LE
Pool sharks
Big game
GOT prem
Diamond lady
Baby Pac-Man

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IFPA endorses all of those games except one …

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Haha. I love high hand. And I wouldn’t have ever sought it out if it wasn’t for you.

Hey all!
A little heads up. :laughing:
I’ve had an Nginx server for this exact case (and some others I’ll share in a second) for a couple years now.

If you take the time to install this on an amazon EC2 server, you aren’t reliant on your internet both accepting and transmitting the signal.

I used a local PI for a while, but the Amazon server feels way better.

Another cool thing you can do with this is, I gave IPs to folks to stream from their phones to do some “field reporting” from tournaments to pop on stream and let folks check out their local scenes.

Side note there is a bit of delay with Nginx (at least on my end). BUT the last few days I’ve done tests using the Zoom service which is peer to peer and with great success having almost no latency between players!

Download virtual cam for OBS and you can set your camera input for the video conference as your streams output, essentially streaming your whole rig to zoom.


So it wasn’t perfect but Dr. John Cosson and I experimented tonight and by damn luck found an improvement in the last 10 minutes or so of the stream. Anyway it was basically lag free we just struggled with image quality but pretty sure we found the solution right at the end.

We will try it again to make sure but if anyone has Frontier, Harlem, Viking, Dragonfist, or X-Men Pro we can give it a shot as well. Just using OBS and Skype along with NGI.


This would certainly help give a reliable server to upload to, and is probably better than a second laptop or pi running the RTMP server. It also has advantage of being easy to turn up and down and scale to many sources, which you could choose from later. But I would think running nginx on the same machine as the stream and accessing it via localhost loopback would minimize the overall network traffic and not have the extra network latency by running in the cloud. Using localhost loopback should also let you minimize the network buffering in the video source (although using VLC I am not sure I can get it lower than 100ms)

I am currently trying to arrange to try TNA with @ryanwanger, but I don’t know how our schedules will work out. I am willing to do a stars throwdown with you if you are willing to try. Message me if interested.

If you’re able to remove the delay from rtmp, you’re a god! Keep me updated. The delay for me went down to 2-3 seconds moving from local to EC2.

I’ll be showing a zero latency Zoom stream tonight. Gonna do a 4 player battle with Jurassic park.

If anyone here has a JP and a decent streaming rig, hit me up for tonight so I can get your rig ready to battle!