Pre-pinburgh tournies?


Tuesday Women’s Weekly update, hot off the press!

Are you traveling from a far away place? Want some cool things to commemorate your visit to Pittsburgh no matter if you’re taking home any hardware? Come by the Women’s Weekly on Tuesday! The player who traveled the furthest to Pittsburgh will win a sweet set of Pittsburgh pins and a second awesome prize I’ll leave for the Facebook announcement! It’s simply illuminating, I’ll mention that.

6:15 sign ups, 7:15 start, match play UNTIL KICKBACK DROPS (at 11)! $5 entry!


Wednesday Weekly Update!

Sarah always has good ideas. So, I’m stealing this whole “furthest travelled” deal! She’s adding a last place prize, so we’re even.

The player who’s traveled the furthest at the Wednesday Weekly will win a totally Pittsburgh mini prize pack, with a small mysterious box and this yinzerrific card!

All from Wildcard, just a block and a half away from Kickback. Go visit them before you stop in for cool and quirky cards and gifts!

Wednesday Weekly! 6pm registration, 7pm start time. Maximum of 52, so be here early!


Tentative list of Machines and Objectives:

Hole 1 - Spiderman - Complete Unity Day Festival, Start a mode, AND Start a multiball
Hole 2 - Jackbot - Start Casino Run
Hole 3 - Black Pyramid - Spell one of BLACK, PYRAMID, OR 200000
Hole 4 - TOTAN (5 Ball) - Collect 2 Jewels AND 3 Tiger Loops
Hole 5 - TAF - Start Seance
Hole 6 - X’s and O’s - Fill the tic-tac-toe grid once
Hole 7 - 24 - Start the 3rd scene
Hole 8 - TZ - 3 Door Panels AND 4 Hitchikers
Hole 9 - Super Orbit (5 Ball) - Score 350K

Where not noted games are 3-ball.
Finals banks are holes 1-3, 4-6, 7-9


do we have an idea how long the course might take? It looks like I could possibly arrive at 4pm, and I know finals start right at 5pm so I am trying to figure out if its worth it.


I remember this one from another pingolf and it was particularly annoying. Sometimes the bazaar would light locks, thereby blocking you out of tiger loops, or some players would get the 3 tiger loops award. I could be a little off on the details, but I just recall it as a very frustrating and imbalanced goal.


the wishes are determined depending on the state of the game (f.e. you can get 3 tiger loops only if a tiger loop is lit at this particular moment)


Having designed a lot of task based pingolf courses, my general impression is that these are all way too hard and will result in really long game times, especially when you consider how many people could potentially be showing up for this event.


start seance? So, if it’s close, just complete the next few mansion rooms, but if it’s far just keep shooting the pops until you get lucky?


I hear you…, you’re right that there was some frustration with folks believing they/others had been dis-/advantaged unduly. I think in most cases it’s their game time decisions that resulted in the outcomes. I personally like this objective because it is very challenging to get a hole-in-1 consistently, and it really feels like one where if you let it get away from you the game actively battles you. But I’m going to argue here it’s not unduly random.

First off…only a Wish will award tiger loops; BAZZAR awards do not ever award Tiger Loops. If you have lightening lamp, fireball hurry-ups running, or the princess’ ruby lit, then a wish will never award 3 Tiger Loops, but otherwise 3 Tiger Loops is a possibility, as is start lightening lamp, and collect bonus. [edit: I’m told that if Tiger Loops are flashing and none of the other conditions are met a wish option will be 3 Tiger Loops. Unverified, but if that’s true, it’s completely deterministic.]

The BAZAAR may award Light Locks, grant a Wish, 15 Lamp Spins (also good for a Wish), or Light Shooting Stars. Everything else is useless to you. You can choose to not shoot the BAZAAR scoop when no wishes are lit, lest you are subject to the “disadvantage” of Light Locks.

If you get Locks Lit you’re blocked from Tiger Loops, but you can go for MB and use it to spin the lamp to get wishes which you can trade in for Jewels or Tiger Loops.

Some Jewel granting modes can interfere with collecting Tiger loops as well, but you can choose your modes with flippers ALA LOTR before shooting the Genie. You can also collect Tiger Loops reliably while no mode is active.

So…I’m going to argue a lot of what might feel capricious, is really almost entirely within control of the player. The player controls Genie hits and mode selection, they can timeout counter-productive lightening lamps/fireball hurry-ups before collecting a Wish, and can use a multiball to their advantage by spinning the lamp to build Wishes. They can choose not shoot the scoop when only BAZZAR is lit, minimize Genie hits, pick modes that don’t lockout tiger loops.

BTW, it’s only my deep respect for the caliber of players coming to Pre-Pinburgh events that make me subject them to this evil objective :wink:

I’ll take the action to ensure the hints sheet calls these strategies out a bit better. Maybe this could be ORed with a score objective that allows the game to be played in a more conventional way but I think that takes the fun out of it.


Totally agree that a lot of those things fall on the action of the player and I don’t expect you to change it. Just thought you might want to know it’s the lasting impression I still have from that tournament over two years ago :man_shrugging:

And that’s way more TOTAN info than I actually want to allot brain space for :exploding_head:


Our play testing with a few high-B / low-A players (replay volunteers who can’t play in the tournament) had this at about 45-min / player per bank. No single hole averaged more than 6min / player. That’s assuming folks plunge off completed (in the rules) and mostly drain out of the multi-balls that aren’t helping them make progress towards objectives. I’d account for about 2h-2h30m to finish the course, I don’t recommend starting much after 3pm as there is a hard cap where all games not played at 5pm are scored max.

We’re pretty deeply committed to getting people to bed in time to minimize impact to Pinburgh performance.


Tuesday will now be at 7 PM, reg. at 6. Lewis had some poor reading comprehension on Sarah’s posts. :sweat:




Kickback line looks full or almost full


The Wednesday Weekly is most likely sold out! 70+ people in line, and we’re taking as many as we can! Mad props to the reception we got.

To accommodate, Kickback will be on counter service only or closed to the public for the first few rounds.


The tournament was a lot of fun! Everybody was really cool too.


Sounds very different than the Dojo. Many people there were hot and sweaty.


Great tournament. We showed up a little after 5, got in line around 5:40? 5:45? and had no trouble getting in. And lots of great beer down the street at Bierport, too. Thank you for organizing!


AC needed to be turned on earlier, but I enjoyed the event. Thanks DJ.


Hi, I am Albert from Germany. Visited first time Pinburgh. Have a great time here with my son.
My hobbys are not only Pinbull but also creating videos
Pingolf tournement was great here you see 2-Minutes Video Clip.

Lots of more on my youtube channel