Pre-pinburgh tournies?


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There are THREE official pre-pinburgh tournaments:

Want to warm up in Pittsburgh before Pinburgh, here are three events scheduled before Replay FX kicks off!

Kickback weekly tournament:

Women’s Match Play Tournament:


Follow the links for details.


Parking details for the Pre-Pinburgh 2018 PinGolf tourney: Attached is a map of free and cheap parking options near the facility. Meters generally only run until 6pm (check your meter to be sure) and are cheap ($0.25/hr). Some meters may be limited to 2h parking. The green area on the north side of the map has street cleaning on Wed, so check the times on the signs before you park there.


Update for the Kickback Wednesday Weekly:

There will be no pre-registration, but we will be taking 52 players. Make sure to get in a bit early before 7 PM to reserve your spot!

The Women’s Tuesday Weekly also starts at 7 PM for those who can make it in!


a bit early like 6:30, or a bit early like 4 in the afternoon


Wow! 52! See you there!


We can put more in the door thanks to changes in the Pinburgh pre-reg location (Harris Grille, home to PAPA D hardware and a great pinballer-friendly spot) this year!

@mrboboto I’d say 6PM is definitely safe at the earliest, although there should be spots around 6:30 still.


Will you please post on this page and/or the facebook page when it’s full just so I don’t pay for an uber to get there just to find out it’s sold out.


@tmontana we will do our best to keep you updated!

Speaking of updates…

For the Tuesday Women’s tournament, sign ups will start at 6:15 PM (as soon as the TD can make it over). There is no player limit, although in case of a ton of women coming out (awesome!) there may be exceptions.

The Wednesday Kickback pre-tournament sign ups will start at 6PM and run until 7PM or we are full. We will not be reserving spots and updating Tiltforums and Facebook when we’ve hit our limits!

For more information on either, PM me here or get in contact with me however you can.

See you in a week!


You could just go earlier?

Like, I get that people want the most up-to-date information, but if you think about it, what you’re asking is for someone incredibly busy, who is trying to manage a crowd and answer a thousand questions and somehow start a tournament on time, to stop and take a minute to update the internet. And it’s kinda useless info, too, because if they don’t get to the end of the line before you show up BUT you’re too late to join? I mean, just manage your own clock better, dude.