Pre-pinburgh tournies?


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There are THREE official pre-pinburgh tournaments:

Want to warm up in Pittsburgh before Pinburgh, here are three events scheduled before Replay FX kicks off!

Kickback weekly tournament:

Women’s Match Play Tournament:


Follow the links for details.


Parking details for the Pre-Pinburgh 2018 PinGolf tourney: Attached is a map of free and cheap parking options near the facility. Meters generally only run until 6pm (check your meter to be sure) and are cheap ($0.25/hr). Some meters may be limited to 2h parking. The green area on the north side of the map has street cleaning on Wed, so check the times on the signs before you park there.


Update for the Kickback Wednesday Weekly:

There will be no pre-registration, but we will be taking 52 players. Make sure to get in a bit early before 7 PM to reserve your spot!

The Women’s Tuesday Weekly also starts at 7 PM for those who can make it in!


a bit early like 6:30, or a bit early like 4 in the afternoon


Wow! 52! See you there!


We can put more in the door thanks to changes in the Pinburgh pre-reg location (Harris Grille, home to PAPA D hardware and a great pinballer-friendly spot) this year!

@mrboboto I’d say 6PM is definitely safe at the earliest, although there should be spots around 6:30 still.


Will you please post on this page and/or the facebook page when it’s full just so I don’t pay for an uber to get there just to find out it’s sold out.


@tmontana we will do our best to keep you updated!

Speaking of updates…

For the Tuesday Women’s tournament, sign ups will start at 6:15 PM (as soon as the TD can make it over). There is no player limit, although in case of a ton of women coming out (awesome!) there may be exceptions.

The Wednesday Kickback pre-tournament sign ups will start at 6PM and run until 7PM or we are full. We will not be reserving spots and updating Tiltforums and Facebook when we’ve hit our limits!

For more information on either, PM me here or get in contact with me however you can.

See you in a week!


You could just go earlier?

Like, I get that people want the most up-to-date information, but if you think about it, what you’re asking is for someone incredibly busy, who is trying to manage a crowd and answer a thousand questions and somehow start a tournament on time, to stop and take a minute to update the internet. And it’s kinda useless info, too, because if they don’t get to the end of the line before you show up BUT you’re too late to join? I mean, just manage your own clock better, dude.


In @tmontana’s defence, that post was made before @ScoutPilgrim indicated when registration would open. For those of us travelling from hundreds of miles away who won’t be arriving until early afternoon, if we’re lucky, it would have been frustrating to arrive at the location to discover registration had been full since noon.

With the new information, yeah, that time right before a tournament starts is incredibly hectic and I would expect that providing updates to those not present will be pretty low on the priority list. Thanks for sharing info with us ahead of time!


Because no one can see if there is 30+ people in line… ? It only takes a minute or two to estimate there are more people than spots left. Or here’s an idea… pass out tickets at the door or just count!.. then you know!

Instead of addressing the challenge, you just throw it back on ‘dont bother us…’ type of response.


First of all, I have nothing to do with this tournament. Second of all, the fact that you already perceive a “problem” says a lot.

“Oh, I’m sorry, entire line of people. Please wait while I make sure to go update the internet in several places to make sure they know what the situation is instead of attending to you, the people who managed to get here on time.”


I was just asking a question, didn’t mean for it to turn into a ‘thing’. When I posted I didn’t know if showing up at 6 or 5 or even 4 would be necessary as the only info I saw was the start time. If the organizers are too busy to post to facebook than that’s fine.


None of the Pre-tournaments are affiliated with PAPA or the Replay Foundation.


If players head down to Kickback, and the field is full, check out the fine restaurants and shops that are in the Lawrenceville area. Plus there are a good number of pins in the area.


Seriously agree here. If it doesn’t work to get in, my personal recommendations are:

Row House Cinema - Go play Ghostbusters and watch Goldeneye instead! (Disclaimer: that’s Sarah’s and my GB) Or, go to Bierport and find a cool bottle of craft soda/beer you haven’t tried yet.

Hambones - “The best ham named bar in the city,” featuring 3/4 machines. Great way to support @PAPA_Doug and overall one of my favorite bars in the city.

Smoke Taqueria/Round Corner Cantina - Both great taco places. A fair amount of Pinburghers probably will have a taco break downtown. Why not try some of the other good offerings?

Belvederes Ultra Dive - Here on Tuesday? Love karaoke? Do I have the place for you? YES! Great PBR prices… and a Pabst Can Crusher.
considering that I’m a helper for the Tuesday Weekly, I can’t abandon my post to sing Beastie Boys again. Sorry!

Industry Public House - Steampunk themed restaurant with great food (loaded filament fries in any way are great). For the whiskey drinkers: get a Smokestack. Your choice of drink freshly smoked with your choice of wood.

And that’s not including anything more than 2 blocks from Kickback like the Spirit Lodge, Kelly’s Korner Pub (has a pin and giant Jenga), breweries like East End and Roundabout, Arsenal Park, a gorgeous cemetery (if you’re into that), Arsenal Lanes (bowling above Kickback), Naturoll rolled ice cream…

And if you’re downtown, all this a trip up the 91 bus route away from Wood Street!


Details for the 2018 Pre-Pinburgh PinGolf:
$10 facility entry, $10 per round on the pingolf course all course fees go to the prize pool.

The tentative machine list at the Pinball Dojo: AFM, X’s&O’s, TOTAN, Meteor, TAF, Fathom, TZ, 24, Congo, Black Pyramid, Spiderman, Super Orbit, Jackbot, Stellar Wars, World Cup Soccer, Gorgar, Xenon, Paragon, Stars. The nine tournament-only pingolf holes are among those machines, the others will be available for free-play if you’re hanging out or waiting for a game.

The course will be played in order with groups starting when the first group finishes Hole 1 and we’re expecting it’ll take between 2h and 2h30m to complete the course. Sorry to the late arrivals or locals who have work, but to get everybody to bed in time to be rested for Pinburgh, we have a hard stop at 5pm. At 5pm, each unplayed hole is scored at the max value (4 for 3-ball games, and 6 for 5-ball games). Rankings will be up on a link, so if you play early and then want to explore Pittsburgh that’s an option. If doing so, please account for rush hour traffic in your return trip.

The Kickback tournament (registration at 6pm, starting at 7pm) is a great alternative to folks who get to Pittsburgh late enough they can’t make it to the Pingolf tournament in time.


At the Wednesday Weekly, we know getting last sucks. However it happens, we give the first players eliminated a shot at redemption. Whether it’s a questionable craft soda or a bottle of Mad Dog, the Winner of the Losers is a Weekly tradition.

On top of the usual prize, this scorpion sucker is being thrown in to remind you of the time pinball made you feel like a sucker. Blueberry, yum!

Wednesday, 6pm registration, 7pm start!


hilarious, i just bought one of those for my daughter on my way back from SA haha