Pre-pinburgh tournies?


I’m trying to schedule my travel to Pittsburgh for Pinburgh. I’m unsure if I should come early Wednesday in the hopes of playing in anything going on that evening (last year I remember a tourney at the clubhouse and one at a barcade).

The IFPA calendar with map isn’t working so I’m having trouble looking up events there. As an out of towner, can a local pittsburghian help me to find a good event Wednesday evening?


We’re finalizing the list, but it will involve multiple Wednesday tournaments.

I can confirm (as one of the people running it) that the Kickback Weekly (at Kickback Pinball Cafe) will go on as planned, with a player cap of 40-50.


First come, first served or online signup 10-second frenzy?



Pretty sure the clubhouse pin-golf tournament is a regular pre-pinburgh event. However, it starts during the day. I’ve played in it twice. Probably the most difficult pin-golf goals I’ve ever experienced.


But the clubhouse I heard closed? that’s why I am confused, I don’t really know the ‘single source of truth’ for these events, or what time, or how to sign up. I would hate to schedule an early flight hoping to play in one only to find its sold out and I could have taken a later flight?



oh wow. that’s news to me. Sorry for giving you bad info if that’s true. Sad. That place was awesome.


There is a new clubhouse in the works, but I have zero information about when it will be open, or whether they will host any pre tournaments.


The old clubhouse is now the IronWorks Gym. I haven’t heard anything definite on the new site yet.


That is still being determined if we’re going to do pre-reg or day of the tournament frenzy.

That’s a major part of the TBD. I’m not involved with the new clubhouse process so I can’t predict anything. If they don’t, there may be something at another location. I’ll try to keep you updated!


Actually, the older IronWorks Gym became the old clubhouse. The “Whatever It Takes” motto on the wall was a relic from that gym.

Here is the Facebook page for the Kickback tourney:

There is still discussion about an event at the new clubhouse, but as I have retired from running pre ReplayFX tourneys, that is all I can tell you.



I believe there will be an event at the new clubhouse, but I’m also not officially involved with that. I know that people want to do it.

The new clubhouse is a few miles north of the city and involves a lot of stairs between the door and the pinball, so it’s not as accessible as the old place. :frowning: (Kickback also has stairs fwiw…)

If you end up in town Wednesday with no tournament plans you might want to check out Trixie’s Gameroom or Victory Pointe on the South Side!


There will be two official Pre-Pinburgh tournaments, both will be announced this week.


Thanks Doug. Is the best place to check this forum? Or is there a club webpage or group to check out?

Looking forward to ReplayFX and Pinburgh!


Both events will be posted to PAPA’s facebook account.


Any update on these tournaments? I haven’t noticed anything posted. Thanks!