Points for Extra Ball Wiki


This wiki is open for everyone to add how many points an extra ball is worth in tournament mode.
Click a score for more info about how to collect the EB and whether the score can be multiplied by game features.

Game Extra Ball Special Multipliable
2.5M Lit by completing Scene 6.
Lit from Cell Phone award in non-tournament play.
Collect at Sniper shot.
Can not be multiplied by MOLE.
5M Lit from Cell Phone award in non-tournament play.
Can not be lit in tournament play?
2.5M Lit by 25 combos or completing the AC/DC, TNT, and ROCK banks twice each.
Collect at the right orbit.
15M Lit by starting 3 songs.
Toy Box and Elevator MB count as songs.
Also lit by completing Find Jacky shots.
Find Jacky progress is shown on the upper left side of the screen.
Jacky will be hiding on a random, unindicated shot.
Collect at left scoop.
Attack From Mars
250M Collect by scoring 10 hits in Strobe MB.
Every 10 hits scores 250M.
3M Lit by starting COSMIC mode three times.
Collect at Hulk saucer.
Batman (The Dark Knight)
Big Buck Hunter
Future Spa
Harlem Globetrotters
25K Lit by complete the five spot targets on the left side of the playfield.
Collect at the Slam Dunk standup target.
Game of Thrones
15M Lit by completing 3 houses or from a pop bumper award.
Collect at the Dragon/Castle Black shot.
15M Lit by collecting ~49 ghosts, by completing 3 scenes, or from a pop bumper award.
Collect at the left scoop.
Can be multiplied up to 6x.
Guardians of the Galaxy
15M Lit by starting 3 modes.
Groot and Orb MB count as modes.
Collect at the right scoop.
Guns 'N' Roses
50M Can be doubled by shooting the upper loop after collecting.
Iron Man
Jurassic Park
Last Action Hero
Lord of the Rings
2.5M Lit by ~15 Coffin captive ball hits, or by 10 Piston lane hits.
Collect at right scoop.
Can be multiplied up to 4x by FUEL and snake during MB.
Pirates of the Carribean (Stern)
Ripley's Believe It or Not
Simpsons Pinball Party
Spiderman (Stern)
5M Lit by completing the first "wave" of each villain.
Tales from the Crypt
Tee'd Off
Terminator 3
10M Collected from after completing the 5th Command Center (left orbit), and after 12 center ramps.
10M Lights at the RED target after 30 center ramps.
3M Lit from a specified number of ramps (12 by default). Collect at scoop.
Yes Complete T-R-O-N targets with double scoring flashing to light double scoring. Change flashing award at POP.
Wheel of Fortune
World Poker Tour
5M Can not be multiplied.
3M Lit by completing Nightcrawler, or by collecting 10 Unique Combos.
Collect at the Blackbird scoop.


Aerosmith: 18M


OK, can someone tell me how exactly do you edit the content of a Wiki? I can’t figure it out.


I think you click on the pencil in the top right corner of the post. [Update: now it actually works!]


When I do that it only shows me the history of the revisions.


Same here


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Thanks for your help! I thought it would just wikifye itself, but apparently not so.


Last Action Hero is also worth 25M like the other DE games you mentioned.


Formatted everything into a table, hopefully it’s a little more readable.


Nice table, I don’t want to mess it up by editing.

GNR - 50M
Can be doubled by shooting the upper loop after collecting!


Should we add another column to indicate if the extra ball is affected by multipliers?


Whoa… I’m overwhelmed by the formatting. Wanted to add “Yes” to Aerosmith multipliable, but figured I’d mess up the formatting when I tried to edit.


I should check and see if we can get table support added to this html editor


It’s driving me crazy that I can’t align the yes under multipliable to be centered…


What multiplies the EB on Aerosmith? I tried the shot multiplier on the scoop the other day and it definitely didn’t multiply the value. Toys playfield X?


Playfield X definitely impacts the EB score value … I cleaned up a recent match on an Aerosmith Premium by starting 2x Playfield on the UPF and then shooting the lit EB for 2x15M = winner! (Apologies to @unsmith)


Undone by wildly imbalanced extra ball score award again! Curses! [twiddles old-timey moustache while sobbing into my sarsaparilla]