Podcaster Bloodbath at ReplayFX



It’s well known that @pinwizj has a mutant super power - the ability to tell if anyone, anywhere in the world, is doing a pinball podcast (and then invite himself on it). Which podcasting team will resign themselves to second place by asking him to be their ringer?


I’m starting a new podcast called, “The Greatest that Never Was” . . . it’s a trio of the 3 greatest players in pinball history to never win a Major. Myself, Jason Werdrick and Neil Shatz will explain to everyone all of our bad beats, and why none of these losses were our fault.


This podcast will surely come in 2nd place in next year’s TWIPY’s…


-raises eybrow-
-cracks knuckles-


The Trash Talker Selection Committee is please to announce the next invitee and hands down the favorite to take home the Bloodbath trophy- the Tilt Thru Podcast. The captain of Team Tilt Thru is Zoë Vrabel. Zoë has a long list of championships to her name including the Worlds and more importantly she recently crushed the field at the 2018 SWEET TALKER tournament. Joining Ms Vrabel at the TTI-PB will be some guy named Mr. Danger. we don’t know much about him but if he’s good enough for Zoë than he’s good enough for the TTI-Selection Committee.

(edited to prevent the TTI Grammar Nazi coming down on me like a ton of bricks)


Mr. Dangerous, not to be confused with Mr. Danger.


Also Ms. Vrable, not to be confused with Ms. Vrabel.


<- hangs head in shame


Does that mean I trash-talked correctly?! Maybe my team can win this thing after all!


ha- I have faith in your abilities. Trash talking is a skill learned in the cradle for any Bostonian.
I was impressed with myself just for getting the umlaut in your name correct- misspelling the rest of it it was a major fail.


But also Miss Jackson if ya nasty.


I’ll allow it.


For the first time ever The Selection Committee is doubling down on invitations. Please welcome The Meltdown and Rip Tide Pinball Podcasts to the Bloodbath. While both of these teams may be new to the podcast world their talent with the poison pen and stellar flipper skills are well documented. We expect both to be a flipping force, but can they withstand the verbal onslaught that the more experienced podcasters will be dishing out? #BlueHairMatters #Sports #TheRealPincess #SayNoToDeepDish


The Selection Committee has had enough- it’s challenging the slam tilt podcast to a super high stake “dollar game” Slam Tilt challenge


Replay FX is two weeks away- and more importantly so is the Trash Talker Invitational Podcaster Bloodbath. If your podcast team would like to participate please drop me a line and ill ask the Selection Committee if we can squeeze you into the tournament. https://www.facebook.com/events/188634235074644/


Below is the list of teams that indicated they would be participating in the Podcaster Bloodbath. Please let me know if anything has changed and that you will not be fielding a team. If you are a podcaster or blogger and not currently on the list and would like to join in on the fun let me know that too.
Pinball Players podcast
Canadian Pinball
This Week in Pinball
Mrs Pin
Bro Do You Even Talk Pinball
Slam Tilt Podcast
This Flippin Podcast
TTI champions
Tilt Thru
Rip Tide
PB Toots
Rage Tilt
Pinball Profile ???


Taylor and Tommy of this Flippin podcast is backing up their smack talk with a wad of cash. They’re throwing down $50

to the winner of the tournament favorite pinball charity. The TTI Selection committee, Buffalo Pinball and Mrs Pin will be matching this . We’ll set up a charity box at the Blood bath for any other podcast team or spectator who would like to donate. Something good can come from the carnage that the TTI-PB is destined to be.


But will that good outweigh the many lives lost


So who won?


To loosely quote Taylor Reese “Everyone won because we raised about $600 for charity”. Head2Head (Martin Robbins, David Peck, and Karl Deangelo) took home the Title of Podcaster Bloodbath champion. dis-honorable mentions to Pinball Players Podcast, Buffalo Pinball, and This Flippin Podcast as the first 3 losers.! Thanks to Gene for taking some great pictures. 38029623_10160712775665652_399625738862460928_n|332x500