Podcaster Bloodbath at ReplayFX

The Trash Talker Invitational Podcaster Bloodbath is coming to ReplayFX!
if you host a pinball podcast or blog and would like to participate please let us know here or on our facebook event page - https://www.facebook.com/events/188634235074644/ Make sure to click interested or going on the page so you’ll receive updates on the tournament.

Here are the details:


  • Saturday July 28th 7:00pm or after the Pinburgh champion has been crowned


  • Any Pinball Podcast or Blogger that has recorded at least one show in the past twelve months is eligible to play
    • a team of past TTI champions will be invited.
    • The TTI-SC reserves the right to add additional teams.

• This will be a three player team tournament.
• Each team will consist of the podcast host, co-host and will be allowed to bring in one “ringer” to assist them.
• In the case of single host podcasters - they’ll be allowed to bring in two ringers.
• Ringers must have been a guest on the podcast. Exceptions can be made by the TTI-SC.
• The tournament will consist of four player groups playing four games. Each player will get to choose one game. Scoring will be 5 - 3 - 2 - 1.
• The four highest scoring teams will advance to the finals. In case of a tie a one game tie breaker will be played by the host of the team. The tie breaker game will be chosen by a member of the TTI Selection Committee.
• Finals: The top four podcast teams will be represented by their host in one more round of 4 games to determine pinball podcaster supremacy.

• Stuck balls – Here at the TTI we play old school pinball. You’re on your own to free stuck balls- if you tilt it’s on you. The only exception to this is if trying to free the ball could damage the machine. In that case a TTI official will make the ruling (most likely an unfair one)
• Headphones are forbidden
• The use of vulgarities and taunts is highly encouraged.
• Additional rules may be added.

this is a non-sanctioned event- please don’t blame the fine folks of PAPA or ReplayFX for any shenanigans that occur at the Bloodbath,


Just a heads up that the Pinburgh A Div semifinals are slated to start at 5pm. Using the 2 hour per round rule of thumb, I’d use 9:00pm as your estimated start time, at the earliest.

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good tip- just means the podcasters will have an extra couple of hours for pre tournament prep (aka fireball shots for most)

Forgive me; it’s Sunday morning, I’ve had little sleep and littlier coffee, but:

If podcast duo’s get one ringer, and single hosts get two ringers, how do you get four player groups?

The player groups will be made up of one player from each team. For example:

Group one
Head2Head Player 1
Canadian Pinball Podcast Player 1
Mrs. Pin Player 1
Pinball Players Podcast Player 1

Group 2
Slam Tilt Player 1
Pinball Profile Player 1
Head2Head player 2
Canadian pinball podcast player 2

Group 3
Mrs Pin Player 2
Pinball Players podcast player 2
Slam Tilt Player 2
Pinball Profile player 2


Of course the Trash Talker Selection Committee reserves the rights to rig the groups any which way they like :wink:

Hope that makes sense.

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Does this mean Slam Tilt was invited? :wink:

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I’m sure that was a typo.

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Just my two cents: for maximum trash-talking entertainment value, might be better to have teams of two square off against each other, or in a four-team format on a four-player game. Have each team play P1 on ball 1, P2 on ball 2, and then split flipper on ball 3 (or ball 5, whichever is the penultimate ball).

Split flipper might even lead to Podcast teams trash-talking / berating each other intra-team. Could get interesting!


My friends at the Selection Committee have assured me that Slam Tilt has NOT BEEN INVITED. There name was only used as hypothetical example of how the groups would be made up.

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I really wish we could have played. I won’t be at Pinburgh this year, but I 100% would have been down to play in this. Cool and fun idea!

Invite officially accepted: http://www.buffalopinball.com/podcast

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Makes perfect sense. Can random spectators and passersby get in on the heckling?


That would be awesome. Who can amass the largest peanut gallery for fun and profit!

My money is on Tilt Thru, unless one of them is wiped out from running Pinburgh or something.

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Trying to scramble up a Suppressed Player replacement is more difficult when any ringer has to have been a podcast guest and we don’t have guests. Or episodes, really. Do we even truly exist? :woman_shrugging:


I hear the selection committee is rather flexible on the ringer rules. Especially when it involves the current Sweet Talker Champion.


Hopefully you can play next year- assuming the carnage isn’t so bad that PAPA kicks us out.

Please e-mail me with details on this event when you have them finalized (FX or PAPA contact pages work). It’s a fun idea, and I may be able to help with some of the structure behind the scenes or help get the word out. I’m a big fan of these kinds of fun / silly events.


I assume this means stage time.

Wide World of Pinball, quick, record an episode to get into the 12 month window! …and so we can hear another episode. You guys could give Tilt Thru a run for their money.