Podcaster Bloodbath at ReplayFX


Also, did I mention I’m starting a podcast with @Smack847 and @sk8ball?


Absolutely The Selection Committee encourages good nature Trash Talking from all.


Without Slam Tilt, it just doesn’t count! Oh My!


Wait Slam Tilt isn’t in the trash talk podcast tourney? Them and Jeff T. are the first one i would think off :smiley:


See, this is why we should have finalized the rules for full contact pinball.


Can that really be better than full contact panic park??


I agree completely :^)



There are still many Podcast teams that have yet to be invited. The Selection Committee take its time when evaluating applications. Here’s a partial list of confirmed and pending applications.

Pinball Players Podcast - CONFIRMED http://pinballplayerspodcast.libsyn.com/

Canadian Pinball Podcast - CONFIRMED http://www.podcastgarden.com/podc…/thecanadianpinballpodcast

This Week in Pinball - CONFIRMED http://thisweekinpinball.com/

Mrs Pin - CONFIRMED http://www.podcastgarden.com/podcast/mrspin

Head2Head Pinball - Podcast CONFIRMED http://www.head2headpinball.com/

Eclectic Gamers Podcast - DEFERRED UNTIL 2019 https://eclecticgamerspodcast.wordpress.com/

SDTM - PENDING SPONSORS APPROVAL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAoeA05zcyksTEN3dEXCzCA

Bro Do You Even Talk Pinball - CONFIRMED http://www.podcastgarden.com/podcast/buffalopinball

Pinball Profile - APPLICATION IS UNDER REVIEW https:

Slam Tilt Podcast - APPLICATION HAS BEEN CIRCULAR FILED http://www.slamtiltpodcast.com/

This Flippin Podcast PENDING http://www.podcastgarden.com/podcast/thisflippinpodcast

The Pinball Podcast PENDING http://www.thepinballpodcast.com/

Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast NO RESPONSE https://soundcloud.com/kanedapinball


Tilt Thru - WAITING FOR CONFIRMATION http://www.podcastgarden.com/podcast/tiltthru

Rip Tide - NEW https://www.facebook.com/riptidepinballpodcast/

PB Toots - PENDING https://pinballtoots.tumblr.com/

Fun with Bonus - ??? https://funwithbonus.com

Rage Tilt - PENDING https://www.ragetiltpinball.com/


Entry fee of $50 a player to go to a charity of the loser’s choosing seems reasonable.


Jessica will be there…


I can’t wait for this event AND the epic post-podcaster bloodbath recap episodes from each of these podcasts.


That’s great Taylor- ill let the selection committee know :wink:


The Bloodbath was starting to shape up like another Slam Tilt sausage fest so it was time to invite a podcaster with a double dose of vile and double X chromosomes. Jessica will be leading the Pinball Podcast team and hopes to bring trash talking glory back home to Portland

  1. Don’t use @Websta typical inaccurate/feeble link to @PinballProfile. It’s http://www.podcastgarden.com/podcast/pinballprofile

  2. I think I’ll pass on this, as I’m not only BY FAR the best pinball player among this group of wannabe players and podcasters, but secondly, I have a licensed machine-gun for a mouth, that would annihilate any competitors.

I’m pretty sure I could win this falling out of bed. So good luck with your ringers, I wouldn’t need them…and have fun kiddies. (mic drop)


Well if it was up to me i’d enforce my standard house rule of “No Gingers Allowed”, and being Canadian is strike two against you. Unfortunately ReplayFX will let anyone through the doors and the Selection Committee seems to think you’d be a worthy addition to the TTI-PB. Personally i think they’re just looking for some fodder for Mrs Pin to show off her hidden flipper skills.


I was thinking about trying to team up with @PinballProfile, but after he finished nearly dead last in his Pinball Profile Road Trip tourney, I reconsidered.


Heck yes, Jess! Represent our stupid little show and spit fire in the process.


I was paid off to throw the competition in Denver, let some weaker players have a chance at glory. I’m not proud. But richer.


i have a feeling this is the kind of tournament where after you think you’ve beaten everyone, the final boss, Slam Tilt Podcast, appears out of nowhere to challenge you to a match you can’t refuse


The next invite to the TTI-PB goes to the Straight Down the Middle show!

Zach and Greg epitomize the Midwest mentality- smiling all the time, always being complimentary, courteous and kind. These traits make the Selection Committee want to puke. Fortunately for them their sponsors have been extremely vocal and generous. Keep the swag coming guys and welcome to the Podcaster Bloodbath SDTM! By the way, does anyone else think their names sounds like the crotch crickets you’d pick up from a lot lizard at an Indy truck stop?