Pirates of the Caribbean JJP Rulesheet (WIP)

@keefer lighting bug report
When you get a ball save from mystery, the playfield light comes on before the screen animation finishes.

Started Tortuga during Dead Men Tell No Tales Wizard Mode. Didn’t think it’d be possible to stack a multiball with a wizard mode, was very surprised. Nearly impossible to finish that one while in multiball.

The other bit…Had zero tilt warnings remaining, played Liar’s Dice and wagered a tilt warning. I lost, thus I tilted! :rofl:


Yeah that’s a bug, thanks.

You’re the first person I’m aware of that had that happen to them for real!


@keefer, I think I’m sensing black magic with the map…

For awards that correlate with the PIRATE awards (# bonus X, # gold, etc), are the Map awards based off of your current pirate level?

I was seeing some extra special bonus X advances and collected 50 gold from the map when the PIRATE value was at 50. Thanks!

No it’s all (weighted) random. Interesting idea, though. Some of the Tortuga stuff can be related to PIRATE levels, like Super X stuff.

Who knows how to get the super X to 3x, 4x,…

2nd time activating Super X 2x/3x will be available. 3rd time 2x/3x/4x. Etc…

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Actually, Shot X has 2x-6x available from the beginning.

Bonus X targets, I believe (I can see the @keefer correction incoming…) are built up with each completion of the targets on the upper playfield. I’ll have to double-check this though to be certain. I’ve think I’ve gone straight to 3x and 4x before without ever having gone to 2x, and not via random award.

Minor text fixes, and updates!

@keefer, love the Wizard mode scoring + Kraken battle. Finally got it yesterday night.

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I can one-up this… I played my first ever game of JJPoC tonight, got Liar’s Dice, and wagered 2 tilt warnings. I don’t know if I had already used one or not, but I lost and thus tilted. BUT, this was on ball 3, so losing Liar’s Dice ended my game immediately :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this was intended or not, but ending the game in this way also bypassed the match sequence, it basically went straight from Tilt to Game Over.

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You haven’t finished your service to Davy Jones; you don’t get a match? :thinking:

Sounds like a bug, will have to check it out. There is definitely a scenario in liar’s dice that could lead to that situation, but it shouldn’t be losing 2 tilt warnings.

Oh, I definitely had that as an option. I “forgot” that tilt warnings were per-game and not per-ball, so I figured I was ok if I lost. Not so, apparently.

Everything felt fine except for the “straight to game over” part. I would have figured the character match wheel would have still gone off, but it didn’t. Two-player game also, if that matters.

Rulesheet requests for those in the know:

  1. How does the add-a-ball from the PIRATE inlane award work? A couple of times I’ve started a multiball (not Tortuga), trapped up, moved the action button award to add-a-ball, then completed the PIRATE lanes and… nothing happened. I’m assuming I’m missing something.

  2. Suggestions on safe strategies? Now that I’ve got about 20 games under my belt, this thing feels like a drain monster, especially after a full night of league+casual play when the flippers are noticeably weaker.

  1. Anytime you get a P-I-R-A-T-E award from completing all the inlanders, including add-a-ball, you must collect the award at the PIRATE target which is just to the left of the chest.

  2. Not sure for safe play. Ramps are not very safe but are typically rewarding shots. Mainly up the center chest then hit some loops with the upper flipper and get lots of gold, map awards, and stranger tides mb.

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Upper loop combos are probably the safest way to play; you can use the loop combo with a finisher into the GOLD targets to progress towards Tortuga quickly (hold up the flipper and let it bounce to GOLD on most machines, which may then feed the upper flipper again).

If you can drill it, the left spinner is also usually safe - Dead Men Tell No Tales MB is also a sweet Multiball with simple big score rules.

Be aware: if you complete another set of inlanes before collecting, you do lose your previous award. The Gold award is an action button press fest as well.

I haven’t been able to duplicate this. Always had it do match.

Added the 666,666 bonus for stacking all 6 multiballs that I saw Joe Katz do on a stream

You may want to double check that, as there is no 666,666 point award.

OK, I saw a giant 666,666 on the screen, thought it was points