Pintastic Silverball Rumble: Game List and Tournament Discussion


I would say full throttle can be boiled down to three elements as well. Full throttle multiball (basically start it just like whitewater multiball). Race modes which are hurry up shots started by spelling race in inlanes and started at scoop and then the mini multiballs buy hitting each shot the listed number of times to start that muktiball and they can be stacked.

With those three objectives you’ll be doing 90% of your scoring. Throw in a simple multiplier started with launch button gained from pop bumper hits and that’s about it.


Not explicitly stated in Bowen’s tutorial is that the main race modes are not worth playing. At all. They are dangerous, single-ball-only points that come at the cost of not building toward either the main or mini multiballs.

So it really boils down to two things, IMO.


I would say that is not true at all. People think they aren’t worth anything. The shots are really safe and the hurryups grow in value quiet large the more races you do. It’s easy to pull 10-15 mil out of the first race you do in 5 shots. Later races will be much higher. Every consecutive hurryup shot you make throughout all races grows in value significantly. If I get a chance I’ll try and pull a video showing just that.

Granted there may be times when you have final challenge lit you might accidentally start a mode and want to time it out, but on the whole I definitely play modes out now that I understand the rules.


Hokus Pokus is an underrated EM. Glad to see it getting some tourney exposure.


Too risky with the card system for qualification. Somebody could blow the game up the way you’re describing, but the risk outweighs the reward here. If I had a Full Throttle at home, I’m sure I’d happily play the modes all the time.


It’s possible, but it’s nice that there is a risk/reward scenario in this use of the game I think. @bcd did a great job on this game. All skill levels of players end up enjoying this game at our place once people give it a chance.


I agree it’s a fun game with a bunch of fun shots.

IMO, it would be ~20% better if you could qualify and start at least the mini MBs during race modes.


Any scorekeeping shifts for tournament credit? I believe i posted in the wrong thread earlier today.


Sure thing. We give an entry to a scorekeeper for a two hour shift ($10 value). Let me know what you’d be willing to do. We keep things pretty organic and often just use our local crew of people and don’t setup a rigid schedule of shifts. It’s worked great for us through the years. People just come and go as needed. I’m blessed with an amazing local community that rocks.



Hi Everyone - I’m in the process of making improvements to PinballSpinner, which in past years has provided resources for game banks in Pinburgh. The site is being expanded to include things like Custom Banks, and I wanted to pass along a link to the Silverball Rumble Main Event bank:[]=GrNlV-MDydr&m[]=G43oE-M0ok5&m[]=GRQkJ-MDxpK&m[]=G41Lo-MJp3y&m[]=Gr28v-Mp4Wr&m[]=GRwjq-MJwrd&m[]=G5V8q-MQYZ6&m[]=GRwBN-MJ5ln&m[]=GD7Ld-ME0BP&m[]=G5b38-MDqkx&m[]=Grlxe-MJ916&m[]=G4jPq-MQdlK

I know that there are a few other tournaments there this weekend, but I’m not familiar with the game lists. When the games are known, anyone can make a bank here and share the resulting URL:

Good luck to everyone competing this year! I am sad that I will have to miss it.


Nice. We had to make a last minute change of maiden to bksor


Pro, Premium, or LE? I can make an updated link depending on the game.


Pro. Sorry.


Edited the original link to be re-pointed to Black Knight: SOR.


Anyone know if there will be any streaming of this event?


Heard that backhand is doing it.



Should be going all day. Qualifying 10-2. Finals start at 3


Well run event, really stayed on top of the few issues/calls.


Stream up!