Pindigo v2 app released + Pinburgh giveaway

We wanted to make sure you all heard… Pindigo V2 is now available on Google Play and Apple App Store!

Just in time for Pinburgh!

Grab it here: iOS | Android

I’ll be wandering around Pinburgh Fri/Sat/Sun – look for the purple Pindigo shirt and say hi! :grinning:


Think Instagram, but for pinball scores. With Pindigo, you can:

  • Easily keep track of personal scores wherever you are.
  • Add photo evidence to prove your score is legit.
  • Add notes about location and machine condition to each score.
  • Find and follow your friends to see their scores and activity.
  • Like and comment on score posts.
  • Get notifications when someone reacts to your scores.
  • Check the leaderboards to see how you compare to your friends and others.
  • Quick machine links to,, and others.
  • View graphs to see how your scores have changed over time.

Pindigo is the hobby project of designer Michael Szabo (NYC) and developer Brendan Turner (Birmingham, AL). It’s completely self-funded and not-for-profit. We do it simply because we love pinball.


As our way of saying ‘thanks’ to our users, we will be running a little contest over Pinburgh weekend. Any score posted in the new V2 app between July 28-31, 2016 will qualify the user for a chance to win cool swag such as Pindigo t-shirts, stickers, and possibly more. The more you use the app, the more chances you have.

If you can’t make it to Pinburgh, don’t worry, this contest is open to all Pindigo users. We will hold the drawing the week after Pinburgh. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more details as the time approaches.

Don’t worry if your score is not your best. Post it anyway!


Thanks to @FunWithBonus for the great write up!


Pindigo is now detached from Pinside. We have our own server, user accounts, and score database. If you used V1, you will need to create a new account with V2. Your V1 scores will not appear in V2 until a later update.

May the scores be with you!

Michael (@cheezywhiz ) & Brendan (@needz)


A Pindigo post-Pinburgh number dump:

339 registered users
2,362 posted scores
8 pindigo t-shirt winners
1 shiny new custom dot matrix font I made this weekend
2 happy Pindigo developers

Thanks to the pinball community for giving it a spin!


I really like this app , very simple and now that I know will definitely use during the year and next year at pinburgh

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Cannot seem to open up app . It only shows the pindigo screen and nothing else

I had the same issue just now. Try force quitting the app and restarting. Worked fine for me after.

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Sometimes I have deleted app then put it back on but it says delete and lose data. Will I lose all the input I put in app? How do I force it off?

You won’t lose anything. All our scores are in the cloud. You’ll just gave to sign in again with Facebook or your username/password.

On iOS you double click the home button, find the pindigo window and swipe it up.

Thanks it worked

Thanks for the great app!
It would be fun to have an ‘overall’ leaderboard, where 1-100 pts would be awarded per table based on the score’s rank, Herb style. These points would be summed together for a global leaderboard. Perhaps you’d need to weight it with the number of scores per table to avoid people from spamming rare machines, but it’s all in good fun, and it’d encourage people to submit scores to the app.

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That could be cool. Great idea!

I do think we have to be careful about balancing features for the ultra-competitive pinball people with features for the more casual players. Many people I know don’t use it because they are self-conscious and don’t feel their scores are good enough. It really bugs me because those were the people I made the app for in the first place. We have some stuff in the works that should help, but I’m always open to other ideas for making the app more fun.

Could there be an option for recording your score privately or only within your private circle? I only record what I consider my best scores, but I might be more willing to record lesser scores from machines I play infequently if I can just keep them for my own records.


Can you give me an example of what you mean by ‘lesser score?’

Scoring 1m on a machine that you know you could get 10m on if you just learned the rules or practiced a bit more?

Maybe just an easy option for “post only to followers” ? vs globally?

I have specific examples of times I didn’t record my score.

example 1
I played Indy 500 a couple days ago for the first time and got a high score of 1 bil that day but I didn’t record it because I know I can get a much higher score in the next week.

example 2
My personal high on AFM is around 7 bil but I don’t have it recorded on pindigo because I don’t have a photo or an exact number. I have played it since but haven’t been able to get a score that high so I have been reluctant to record my score until I can get 7 bil or higher.

example 3
We don’t have a Hobbit here in town but I have played it while away on business. I’ve only put up about 100,000 on it, but haven’t recorded it because I know I can do much better.

It would be nice to have those scores for my own records but unless it’s a score I’m proud of, I don’t want to announce it to the world. I get this is a bit of a stretch, but for all anyone knows I could have those machines in my home.

Love Pindigo btw

I don’t have that problem. I just post the garbage games too. So what, eh? I’m not going to let it bother me if some other (much better than me) player would scoff at it. I’d rather have the history and statistics for myself.

I don’t do photos of the score either. To me that just seems media wasteful. It’s not for some tournament where the score actually matters, so it seems like overkill.

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Thanks! This is very helpful.

I actually think we have some ways of addressing these situations that don’t require creating private cliques – something I really don’t want to encourage.

Check-ins would help. “Billy123 is playing at Bob’s Burgers” You won’t need to post a score that night, but people will see you were out and about – maybe one of them will come and join you!

Clearing out the repetition from the home feed may help. I don’t need to know you played 10 crappy games of Metallica before you got that one good score. =) And if I really do want to know, maybe there is a button I can click to see them all.

If we eventually start to see tons of activity, then we could even filter out scores that aren’t top-ranked or personal bests, but I think we have to grow more first.

Our hobby is relatively small. The more social and less private we can get inside the app, the better, IMO. I’ve personally connected with tons of new people, learned about new locations, new machines, new strategies… all because I set my home feed to ‘global scores’.

That said… I’ll continue to think about public vs private and ways we can improve the experience for all.

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But that presents an opportunity for you to record it, and then have it in your records that you beat it. I haven’t entered much yet on pindigo, but so far I’ve found it useful in this situation: “wait, what was the score I got on this machine two weeks ago? Did I just beat it? Ah, yes I did.” (But, note that I’m not worried at all about people seeing my low scores.) I also don’t bother with exact scores. I just put in a round number.

I hope you are rounding down. :smiling_imp:

Ha, I have so far. When I’ve entered scores, I’ve entered them after I’ve returned home. So the exact numbers are hazy.

I like the check-in idea too. I don’t suppose it would be too much feature creep given the nature of this app, but that’s just the software developer in me talking.

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