Pinburgh WPPRs?

Does anyone know why IFPA hasn’t posted the Pinburgh results yet?

Paging @pinwizj to see if he can chime in.


Massive job. I would expect them in another week or two.

That answer is an easy one…tournament director hasn’t submitted them yet.

Once I see them submitted we’ll have them up same day.

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I think i’m still getting like 10 WPPRs for placing around 200th…

I think the bigger concern right now is why is refusing connections…

It’s back now, but definitely was refusing connections last night.

I’ve seen that problem before, but never for more than a couple minutes.

Usually happens when the IFPA site is going through an update to the build.

No I haven’t been obsessively checking the IFPA site twice a day for the last 4 weeks! Why would you think that??


I’m particularly curious about this since the Pinburgh system is so automated. I would expect the results to get submitted pretty much instantly.

Yeah, I really don’t want to bring any negativity to anything having to do with Pinburgh because it really was an incredible and incredibly well run event. But… it’s been over a month now… that seems exorbitantly long unless there’s something wrong with the data that they’re trying to figure out how to solve. Anybody feel comfortable enough to ping Bowen? I don’t want to be a dick and I don’t really know him… (good rhyme)

@PAPA_Doug I bet you thought the abuse would end after the finals were over. Never! :stuck_out_tongue:

IFPA likely has some reprogramming to do just so Pinburgh can be displayed on the website and the WPPR count for each player can be computed correctly for the largest WPPR event ever with 620 some people playing. Poor Shephard has some work to do i’d bet.

Nope … We’re ready and waiting :wink:


For anyone who is not familiar with the process, players must be submitted by name and finishing position. I usually type these up manually, although I’m sure there’s a way to import the info from a spread sheet. You then “process” and the system checks all the players against known players. Any players names that are not spelled exactly like they are spelled in the database are red flagged. Same holds true for any new players who have never played in an IFPA tourney. You then have to individually check these and tell the system how to treat them.

For instance, if I submit Tim Street, it red flags it because his name in the system is Timothy Street. So if you are familiar with all the players it helps. I’m usually submitting league results for less than 30 players. Can you imagine doing 649? You can’t possibly know all of them personally. So research must be done, emails sent, etc. And remember this was an international tourney so there may be some language barriers to deal with. Please be patient with the Pinburgh directors as they sort through all this info. It will get posted.

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This was likely exacerbated by having the Pinburgh registration use the same name field as the players credit card billing info. Nobody but my mom calls me Jason, but that’s what’s on my CC so that’s what was on the score sheets for each round.

I can imagine it because I used to be the one doing this process for every tournament :smile:


I can imagine you are always buying the drinks when you and Shepherd are in the same location