Pinburgh WPPRs?

The number of times WPPR nearly died from work overload only to be saved by Brian finding a way to automate various processes has to be in the double digits at this point.

I laugh at the original process of me opening up player profile one at a time to individually add points to their account based on their tournament performance.



Pinburgh was my very first tournament. (I’m Swedish and figured if I was gonna play a tournament I might as well play the biggest one in the world lol) So I’m obviously anxious to get the results up on the IFPA site and to have my Id created.

But now I have entered (and plan to enter) more events and they all ask me for my IFPA Id. I don’t want to cause double work for anybody but should I enter the new ones as a “new player” and later try to merge the result entries?


Wow. Pinburgh as your first tournament is awesome!

Is this not you?

As long as you use the exact same name the results should be merged without problems

If your name is submitted the same way from all the events, it will auto-find you and put the points to the correct account (even if all 3 or 4 different tournament directors submit you as a new player).

It’s only when the spelling isn’t exactly the same that it’ll create a new account each time.

No, that is not me. Same name, different guy. The Google spreadsheet that was available pre-Pinburgh noted me as that perticular player but I had it changed before the tournament.

And yes it was awesome :smile: Up until 18 months ago I hadn’t played pinball for 20 years. Now I own two pins (JM and Taxi)and planned my summer vacation around a week in Pittsburgh travelling some 10000 miles :slight_smile: The bug got me bad.


Results are up!

My results were not merged. They had my rank correct and had all my restrictions in place when I registered but I still got entered as a new player.

122 Jason Collins 21977 Not Rated 11.63

I think ifpapinball on gmail is the best place to write to get that fixed…

Email us at and we’ll get it corrected.

With 8000 Pinburgh players a few names were bound to slip through the cracks.

I thought it was 88,000 players?

Ending up 136th is looking better and better every day

No kidding! I got 12 points for 105th place. Whoda thunkit?

I am nowhere to be found on results, when last name is brown might be a mix up somewhere .

My results got merged with the other player with the same name. Posted the contact form at IFPA site and also emailed the above suggested address with a request for correction. Tomorrow I will be playing my second tournament and hopefully this will get easier in the future lol.

Usually with same name will have state initials in name , am I right josh?

If it’s two U.S. Players then yes. Otherwise we’ll go with country initials.

any update on if they added players who were missing from final results?

Still waiting to be a part of pinburgh final results. Any help in this endeavor would be appreciated.

I shall check and let you know. Sorry! :slight_smile: