Pinburgh: see something say something

Solar Fire the left inlane ball guide is sunken nearly all the way down, needs to be raised back up. I told a tech after my round but posting here just for fun …


Center ramp on hurricane moonwalked out twice in our match.

I learned that lost ball recovery can’t be turned off in Whitewater. If you’re served a second ball that frees the first ball, don’t simultaneously lock one while draining the other. (Maybe it would have ended the ball regardless? Comp ball was awarded.)

Tilt on Coney Island is so tight I triggered it with a strong plunge.


Gay 90’s is giving people extra balls for no reason so make sure you are the actual player up when plunging. I saw it happen twice in one game and they dqed both players who played “out of turn”. Needs to be pulled imo

Make sure it’s actually your turn on blackout too. He game skipped a player on us.

Yeah, please grab someone if something looks out of place. We’re doing our best to keep up.


Big buck Hunter auto registered a buck hit with the ball cradled (but self corrected and worked proper afterwards)

Stargate and not sure the rules on it, but should balls autoplunge? They weren’t so we just made sure to keep plunging when a ball got kicked out in the plunger lane on multiballs

Attila the Hun lights were a bit messed up? (No rhyme or reason to what was lit?)

Top post disabled on Iron Man (not labeled)

I read that as “the tilt is so tight I triggered it with strong language.”

But seriously, make sure to hit those tech lights so things can be fixed.


Yes. Standard behavior of manual plunge in single ball play, autolaunch during multiball.

There’s no sign on it at all?

Edit: there is now a sign on it :blush:


Always take the free buck hits when possible :grin:
You will get fucked enough as it is!

Not a tech issue but Ready Aim Fire suuuuuucks.


Just gotta dance more…

Tilted on slick chick without doing any movement on ball 2 (tilt ends game). D’oh!

Mata Hari player 3 light bulb is out

Maybe wrong thread but I cant see anything… is there streaming of the sessions?

discovered a bug on WPT while playing @keefer that locked me out of completing a city… coincidence? :smiley: