Pinburgh: see something say something

Did you call for a tech or TD to inspect the tilt bob after this happened? Setup crew is usually very conscious of those kinds of things while we’re getting things together early in the week, AND during play testing.


I should have but I was clearly too upset in the moment… Needed to calm down, I apologize for complaining online instead, kind of childish for sure. Also live and learn, flip lighter on a game with unknown tilt settings!


What was the bug?

He was stuck on completing his hand. The game would not give him new cards. It was stuck after the river though so every ramp shot was worth over 1M but he couldn’t make progress toward completing tournaments or lighting EBs

Again, it’s no problem. It’s more than reasonable to be super upset about the situation, especially in that moment! Things like that can change the complexion of any players’ tournament. Also, this thread was made to bring this stuff up.

I was able to talk with Ray yesterday morning about the slick chick situation and essentially said this:

I don’t care if you’re Raymond, Keith, Daniele, Cryss, or a player that’s at the bottom third of E Division - if you have an issue with something, the primary responsibility of the TDs and Techs are to look into these things. It’s something that should be done with no consideration given to who the player is that is raising the issue, the “definitive” nature of the ruling to come (I.e. we know what the ruling is going to be, so what’s the point?), or any other variable that doesn’t directly involve the problem at hand and what the rulebook objectively says we need to do.

To expand on that… in a sense, we really owe it to any and all of the 1000 players to take each reported issue seriously and look into it or make a ruling, no matter how the perception of how big or small it is; lights out to stuck balls, to unlevel machines, to major rulings. If it’s a big deal to you, it’s a big deal to me. If a player can spend hundreds of dollars on flights, hotels, food, and entry fees, I can take 5 minutes or more out of my day to make sure I address any concerns and do my best to get the call right and otherwise make the event as enjoyable as possible for the people that invest so much to get here to begin with.

Don’t apologize for saying something, even on the internet. It’s a way for us to learn and improve.


1M per ramp, repeatable, on WPT? That’s not a bad trade off.

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Thanks for all the great tech responses. I had to make more calls on balls I was playing than I have at previous Pinburghs and everyone was responsive, patient with helping, and quick with limited disruption. This goes for TDs who made rulings too. A couple of my questions seemed super trivial, one or two were more significant, but they were all treated equally.

Should probably say this, too: I’m not saying that having more problems personally meant tech issues were more prevalent overall. Just happened to be my random fate this time.


While commenting on the stream Fred Richardson mentioned he tilted on one game (tilt ends game) while wiping the glass. I don’t recall which game.

I believe it was Magic City.

I have to believe these were just setup oversights. These older EM’s are meant to be nudged!


Yes, I was in Fred’s group that round. My theory is the C+C Music Factory from LW3 (game next to Magic City,) ultimately is what caused the tilt.


Exactly, and one of my gripes about some tournament setups. They have no warnings and you can’t do slide-saves; you’re supposed to be able to nudge them, just not move them.

games with no tilt warnings should be set easier then ones with them.
Tilt ends game loosen up.
JJP F*** off with that per game BS or make the tilt as loose as non warning or set it to per ball.

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The Wonka on stage was set for tilt warnings per ball.


So was dialed in on the floor.


I have seen that WPT bug plenty of times in my copy at home, although always on the turn. Sucks because you can be having a great game then you are locked out of any progress towards the cities, and can’t light any more modes, and can’t do ace in the hole again. No idea what triggers it.

I’m fine with you getting one extra ball per game by using your warnings. I’m not OK with you getting 3 extra balls per game by using your warnings.

Besides, we can’t do anything about how a person sets up the game.

Is there an official way to contact Replay about game observations? I played a game with the wrong rubber rings and it caused stuck balls.

Which game? I can pass the info on if no one from replay sees it here.

I have a TD Question for the group about this situation, and another situation that was brought up on the Head2Head podcast.

World Poker Tour: If the game is no longer behaving as expected (can’t progress/complete poker hands), how should a TD handle that if a software bug is preventing progress on a game? Should the game be ended with compensation balls given to reset the state of the game? Or it is the guidance to play on?

Stern Star Wars: @martymainframe & @JLemire were talking about how the up-post on the Death Star/Hoth shot was disabled, and a fellow player lit and passed on modes for Endor/Tatooine. With the up-post disabled, the player was effectively locked out from starting ANY modes on the game because of the inability of the machine to trap the ball and offer a mode selection. Is the player entitled to any sort of compensation because of a physical change made to the machine by the tournament directors that prevents progress in the game because of an unlucky sequence of events?

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