Hey, super curious who is making the decisions on these rule changes and what that process is like. Would be great to get some insight.


Then you have to make each game count when you do play them! :grin:

I don’t think it’s farfetched to say that in a place with hundreds of machines… you may not have played one of the 20-50 games that did make it to finals. (I don’t actually know how many games get picked for finals.) It sucks when you know an opponent has had a chance to play a game that you haven’t. But… that’s a part of luck just as much as a bad bounce, imo.


I’m quite certain Karl knows the importance of making finals games count when he plays them.

I appreciate your chiming in on the subject with your opinion, but I’m curious: How many Pinburghs have you participated in? How many finals?


Ack, I hope what I said didn’t come off as pretentious or anything. I know Karl knows what he’s doing, that was supposed to be a royal you, not directly implying he wouldn’t try his hardest when the time comes.

To answer your questions - This will be my first this year. So, I’ve got a blank slate concerning expectations and…maybe that’s why I am looking at it in a more “that’s just the way it’s gonna be,” kinda way. I have no idea where I’m going to end up, whether or not a tiebreaker match instead of by win/loss would’ve helped me or any of that.

I do know that even a good thing can be improved upon, and TDs often do try to do just that. Maybe it works, maybe it could be better. There’s lots of maybes until it comes time to it. I like to have faith that all changes are made to make the experience as enjoyable for everyone involved as possible though.


That’s a fine position for you. Also understand that there are thousands of dollars on the line for the top finishers and their questions and concerns are probably different than yours and likely at least equally valid. Unless you’re an experienced competitor at the top level of pinball you probably don’t know what you don’t know. Hopefully the discussion will teach us all something.