Rules are still being updated. Final version should be posted soon.


I’m really, really not trying to start anything (really), but you might want to review the paragraph at the end of section 2.5.


Thanks for reminding me that I never got my prize for the circuit finals. I’ll have to look into that.


They got put into eWallets a couple of weeks ago I believe. I am curious what happened to the hardware though, i guess no medallions this year?


As @PAPA_Doug said, the rules are currently being updated. Section 2.5 will point here (as will the relevant portions of all the rulebooks):

Updating the sites has been a mammoth undertaking by @mhs and the rulebooks - static for so much of the year - are the last parts. Trust us; you’ll know when they are finalized.


Version 2018.5.5 of the rules have been posted [^^^EDIT: Note that these rules are not finalized^^^]:

And Division D does get a skill restriction: Top 1500.

Based on a cursory glance and sort of last year’s player list, around 120 players out of 800 would have been eligible for the E division in 2017. This is a rough estimate because I looked at current world rankings as opposed to world rankings at this time last year.


It still says D will reset, but according to the rules above - it says the lowest division will reset, which is now E.


You guys are pumping me up a little too early!!


Oh boy! Just a few hundred more spots and I’ll be restricted to D!


And please allow me to repeat: these are not the finalized rules.


I take it from this:

that there will be an official announcement when the rules are finalized.

Without knowing how we’ll know that they’re finalized, it’s understandable that people are going to try to help point out missing or outdated info.

Anyhow, I can certainly stop posting when I see these updates if that would save you some hassle, but I really appreciate being able to discuss rule changes and additions as we notice them.


Absolutely - please discuss them when they are finalized! We will let you know once that is. Right now, you’re looking at a half updated book that contradicts itself in multiple places, and if people walk out of this thread thinking they’ve read the updated rules, they’ll be screwed come July.

Mark, Doug, or I will tell this thread when they are completed. Promise.


Crazy thought - don’t publish incomplete/draft material? Or maybe at least mark it as such?


Do as did last year, was pretty fun.


Resetting any division continues to make me cringe. It’s not a honest representation of those players’ full tournament play. If you’re a D player with a good Day 1, forget about it, it means nothing! If you’re a D player with a poor day one, it also means nothing. I’ve been beating this horse for a long time and will continue to beat it. Decent day 1 or poor day 1, they should be counted just like every other division. It’s a single tournament with different rules for D (or E in this case?) I feel like it should be a no-brainer that this rule should change.


I will politely disagree, as I am of the belief that D Division (or in this case, E Division) should reset.

Below is a distribution graph of number of wins each player had after Round 5 last year.

Aside from people who were division restricted, the ranges for last year as as follows:

B - 30 to 32 pts.
C - 27 to 29 pts.
D - 11 to 26 pts.

Essentially, B and C Division already have a de facto reset. If you fall in the middle of the bell curve, you are at worst only two points off the lead in B and C Division. With D Division, if you do NOT reset, the worst people are 15 points off the lead and will have little to no recourse to make finals.

I’ll agree that the reset in D Division does not represent a full body of work over two days. If there were no Divisions at all, then there shouldn’t be a reset. For B, C, D, (and now E), Day 1 is about being grouped into your Division, while A Division is the only one what is reflective of the full body of work (even this has a caveat, as if you are an A Player and completely tank on Day 2 you can’t be passed by opponents in lower divisions).

I would imagine that the bell curve will look very similar once again this year, but with Divisions looking something like:

A - 35 +
B - 34 to 32
C - 30 to 31
D - 27 to 29
E - 26 and Below


A - 35 +
B - 34 to 31
C - 29 to 30
D - 26 to 29
E - 25 and Below

I’m interested to see how the cut lines fall given the curve centers around 30 wins. These are of course just guesses, but half-points may also have an effect on how the cut lines are drawn this year.


I understand the data and the reasoning behind why it is done this way, however, I struggle with the overall fairness and the inconsistency of rules throughout divisions. I think making sure the tournament is as uniform and fair as possible for all players as individuals between divisions overrides any interest in making sure everyone still has a chance to qualify for finals on Day Two. This is a multi-day expansive tournament. The opportunities you have on Day One should ultimately affect your experience on Day Two, and this is not the case for D. If you have a really bad Day One and can’t catch up for a shot at the finals on Day Two, tough luck, it’s a pinball tournament. That’s how it works. On the flipside, if you’re in the top of D on Day One and bomb Day Two, you’re screwed. All play at Pinburgh should be meaningful play, especially if all other play in the tournament is meaningful.


The date on the document (2018.5.5) is the date it was moved to the new site architecture. Simple and grammatical errors were fixed. People are losing their minds over the date no matter how many times we say “These are not the 2018 updated rules.”


Only the lowest division resets, so this rule doesn’t apply to most participants. Considering the low stakes of D (or E), I agree resetting is a good way to not totally spoil the day for bad day 1 competitors without too much compromise. Corey’s chart really shows why the bottom division needs this adjustment.

I view Day 1 as more half qualification, half competition.


You miss my point.

What about the people who just goto the website and aren’t hanging out in the random places you put out additional information?

I goto - then pinburg… and see a nice Rules tab. I click on it. Since it’s posted on the official papa site, under the pinburgh 2018 page… how am supposed to know these are draft rules or incomplete?

It’s the rules posted on the official site of the competition… what else are people supposed to assume?