If someone gets off the waitlist, do they have to buy a ticket in their name or can they buy a ticket for someone else?

Just thinking of those duplicate names that are both the player and waiting list…


I would guess that because tickets are not transferable, waitlist spots aren’t either. Doesn’t seem fair otherwise.

I’m curious about how the prize tickets will work if the winner either already has a ticket or can’t go. Will the winner get to designate someone to take their place or will they have to forfeit the prize? Will the promotion organizers choose an alternate or will it go to the next person on the waitlist?


the name on the waitlist has to be the person signing up.


That would be up to the people running the promotion.


Makes me wonder what the Belles Fundraiser is. I suspect they will pull in a pretty penny if it’s an auction or similar!

Also curious about the Jackbar giveway. (Found the info for the Level One Bar + Arcade event.) It’s a good thing I’m not a cat…


Great, thanks Doug!

Another question I had is how many total players are there in the tournament? I thought it was 800 put the player list says 837?


It will be 840.


There were a few cancellations I believe that haven’t been filled yet.


Looks like the rules were posted recently.

I’m not sure if there are any changes from last year, even with the addition of a new division.


If these rules are correct, then it looks like Session 10 is reverting back to 1-2-3-4, 5-6-7-8, etc. groupings?


It appears that section 6 is out of date. It doesn’t mention the new E division.


Do you mean III.6 or another section 6?

I’m a little surprised that division D doesn’t have some kind of restriction now that there’s a E division.


III.6 is what I was referring to. It doesn’t mention E division.


there’s no money in E division



As it stands, section III.6 assigns 100% of players to divisions A, B, C, and D, meaning that the new E division will not have any players in it. That doesn’t sound quite right to me :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how that would affect whether there would be a ranking or other restriction for the D division.


I assume @stevevt is referring to Section II.2. Skill Division Restrictions with his statement, not III.6

From the rules, “restrictions are designed to discourage any player from intentionally competing beneath [their] level of skill.”

I’m just inferring that these restrictions are focused on a player who would have a tough time of winning money in A division but an easy time in C division. There is no money in E division, so there is less incentive to sandbag into it, meaning D does not need restrictions… unless there are a number of players who prefer to win a medal in E instead of a chance to win $1000…


There’s another way to look at it, though. Restrictions that would force players into D would keep the E division open to the players for whom it’s intended. Of course, I’m assuming that the tournament is trying to distinguish between D-level skill and E-level skill the same way it does between, say, C and D.


In any case, I think “Division A restrictions” should be changed to “Restrictions for Division B and Lower”, likewise Division B restriction should be “Restrictions for Division C and Lower” etc.


Hoping TNA is on the stage!

As the person that got the ebay ticket - it’s still by a mile the cheapest part of the trip for me! And great value