Boooooooom! Let’s do this thang!


That means you’re in @G_Money? :smile:


I’ve had a couple of friends say that they saw that pinburgh is going to 5 divisions this year but I only see mention of 4 on the website. Anyone know anything about how many divisions there will be and what the cutoffs and prize pools are?


Yes, five divisions. No other announcement has been made.


Finals are on Saturday like usual right? Asking for a friend.


No changes to schedule.


Saturday’s schedule might change slightly, But all Pinburgh finals will be completed on Saturday.


It will be interesting to see if Westin will get a good occupancy rate at a plus $300 per night compared to last year with taxes being around $160 per night. After Omni being sold out I see plenty scrambling for places to stay at a reasonable rate or will see more travel from outskirts to get a room.


And the over-under for how many Pinburghers stay at the Westin that aren’t treating it as a business expense is … ?


How much does reporting stay as business expense actually save a person? Curious.


Nothing unless they do it all the time… or claim your hobby as some business.

Your unreimbursed business expenses as an employee need to exceed 2% of your AGI to even be considered.

It only really comes into play if you start playing games with self-employment, hobby businesses, etc.

It’s more related to this conversation really in terms of gambling gains vs expenses.


wonder if i can count it as a business expense now…


2% is all? Consulting my accountant.


The shorthand way to think about it is that you’d get an X% discount on whatever you’re spending, where X is your tax rate.

It still is cheaper to stay in a cheaper room though. :slight_smile:


lol i’m sure you can, but it likely wouldn’t help you at all unless you’re itemizing deductions.


Can we move Thursday a couple hours earlier to enable us to go see Radiohead afterwards?


May I also be excused to go see Radiohead?


Radiohead are only playing at that time because they couldn’t get Pinburgh tickets.


Wednesday night would have worked out nicely, but I bought tickets for Detroit instead.


I’m open to bribes. Cash only.