Pinburgh 2018 sob stories


For what it’s worth, this was the first year (of the three Pinburghs I’ve participated in) that I didn’t have a single hold-up in any game, any bank (other than briefly waiting for a tech to finish work on Rolling Stones). I was playing in B division, and the banks/positions :

#67 Flintstones, Freak Out (1-plr), Riverboat Gambler, Dracula (started on Freak Out)
#37 - Rolling Stones, Blue Chip, Pinbot, Skateball (started on Skateball. Delayed on RS for tech)
#22 - Legends of Wrestlemania, Time Zone, Hoops, Andromeda (started on Time Zone)
#5 - Scared Stiff, Hot Tip, Motordome, Solar Ride (started on Hot Tip)
#4 - Transformers Pro, Flicker, TX-Sector, Future Spa (started on Future Spa)

#58 - Aerosmith, Aerobatics (1-plr), Heavy Metal Meltdown, Gorgar (started on Aerobatics, I remember a queue behind us for that)
#32 - No Fear, Zig Zag (1-plr), Last Action Hero, Alien Poker (started on Zig-Zag)
#39 - 24, Big Indian, Phantom of the Opera, Eight Ball (started on Big Indian. Our 24 game took forever, but as that was our last game, no queue behind)
#11 - Guardians of the Galaxy, Dipsy Doodle, Diner, Flash (started on Dipsy Do-One)
#43 - Metallica, Fast Draw, Whitewater, Attilla the Hun (started on Fast Draw)

Looks like I ended my banks on the DMD in all but two cases.


Specifically the one row on the doors-side of the hall (vs bathrooms side) - on the bathrooms side of the setup, the row with the tables in it was offset by one so the tables were under the lights, not the pins. Maybe the simple solution is make the doors-side match that layout so that the pins aren’t directly under the lights?


Colin made a great point above that I hadn’t thought about. I played on a few machines that had been swapped out between rounds but I never had to move to a backup bank or have a game go down for more than a few minutes during play. Fantastic work by all the techs!


I think its cool if people want to watch, but less when they want to watch within 3 feet. I’m not looking to add a word to the pinball dictionary for backhanding a small child but still successfully slap saving.


I’ve got no issue either if people want to watch, but I do kinda think the tournament area shouldn’t be an area for the general public to mill about in. Too much risk of something happening and the stakes are too high.

We already know that Pinburgh staff doesn’t want public play on the tournament machines, mostly to keep the wear and tear on them down, this just feels like an extension of that to me.

Might be overkill, but instead of cordoning off the tournament area itself, how about some of those rope-like things used for ride queues to give dedicated space around each row of games, allowing people to freely move around them and spectate? I have no idea how to administer that, just kinda spitballing here. Greater (respectful) spectator numbers would be awesome for exposure.


I enjoyed watching Macklemore hang out on stage for the A finals action . . .

(there’s probably 6 people that will get that) :slight_smile:


Pipe and drape or Tensabarriers are expensive to either own or rent. I don’t see public interference as being a big enough problem to warrant throwing money or setup resources at it.


I wonder if that’s his grandma’s coat?


It was $.99 . . .


you sure you don’t mean 840+?


Oh, that guy wasn’t IN the A Finals?


Nope . . . I didn’t get the memo where A finalists were allowed one VIP pass for a guest up on stage.

I’ll be auctioning off that spot for my VIP guest next year. Proceeds going to Path of Play :slight_smile:


Before the sleeves got chopped for summer!



I don’t think that much is necessary, but some kind of barrier. IIRC, in 2017 there were simple signs that said “tournament players only” as you approached the Pinburgh area or something to that degree, and that seemed to do a bit to help. Was there perhaps thinking to find a way to keep the tournament a bit more approachable and visible? I could see the logic in that as a way of building interest.

I don’t know if you’d need very significant barriers, just some visible signage at the entrance of the banks (especially removable signage, for when the banks open up). The signs for the various division finals seemed to be effective. Could that be modified in any manner?


Tape outlined on the floor for a “batters box” for the player at each machine, maybe? #spitballingIdeas


The larger the show gets, the more difficult this becomes. We had the whole area blocked off with metal gates as well as the signage we’ve had in previous years.

Pinburgh is less than 5% of the show’s total attendance so I think some of this is unavoidable, but I’m open to any easy to implement cost effective solutions.


I noticed less non-tournament players this year than the previous year.

I ran a tournament a large show once. Half of the work was keeping randos off the tournament machines. People would just walk right up to move tables, duck ropes, and step over chairs. It was truly mind blowing.

It’s very difficult to have the same level of patience when it’s happening for the 20th time.


Whoa! that’s awesome! (that 840 is only 5% of Replay’s total attendance)


I’m curious about that head count. I don’t recall seeing 16,800 people there. Maybe 16,800 person-days, but not 16,800 unique warm bodies.


Something out of whack there for sure.