Pinburgh 2018 sob stories


I was playing Indianapolis 500 in my 10th bank on Friday night…and tilted video mode! :thinking:


Avoid Deb(ounce)ris


I learned the hard way that when playing an EM you really shouldn’t nudge too much. Specifically was playing Volley with none other than Jack Danger in my group and I got to go first. Proceeded to put up 690 points and tilted it trying to save a ball I had no business trying to save.

Learning the tough lessons at my first Pinburgh! :slight_smile:


I was playing I500 with my Avoid Debris shirt on and pulled a zero on it lol. When I put it on in the morning I figured it would be a bad omen if I ended up playing it but what are the odds right?!


To make your sob story worse, Volley was pulled in C finals due to every players 1-3 tilting through. There was an issue somewhere, for sure.


Volley is a single player EM. You can’t tilt through to another player…


Indeed it is…and I’m not convinced there was anything wrong with the machine. I think I was just too aggressive with it. Totally learned my lesson, as did each player after me :wink:


Sorry, you are correct. I meant the tiled ended the game. And we all agreed it was totally the correct ruling.


It was only pulled for one round, we adjusted the game and put it right back in. No other issues with it after that.


Arenowdev, you are likely correct - there was nothing wrong when you played it. I think when I moved it to C Division Finals bank, the tilt bob got way out of plumb and was learning hard to the left.


The way I heard it player one had played their whole game and put up 50k+, then the next two players tilted ball 1.


FYI, the number of no-shows in Division E was 4 out of 167, the same number as the number of no-shows in Division D.


It real.


The conversation was about day 2… not finals


You are wrong. You replied to @jeffpm who was asking about no-shows for the Division C final.
Further back in the chain players clearly refer to Saturday.

To answer Jeff’s question, all 40 C finalists checked in Saturday morning.


I’m saving most of my feedback for the official Pinburgh survey, but here are the highlights.

I concur with everyone else in saying that the techs and TDs were excellent. I never had to wait more than a minute to get a response. Everyone was extremely courteous and professional.

The one change I hope for next year is the D Division IFPA ranking restriction. Although I had a craptastic Day 1, it did not seem fair that players who played worse than me but had higher rankings were eligible to compete for D Division trophies/money. Without money or prizes beyond a medal, I can’t image that sand-bagging would be an issue for E Division.


It seems that you’re saying that the D division should have been restricted to players who are ranked no better than you.


I think A-C restrictions should be higher. Hell, close to 200 people make A division day 2. I think the top 100-150 in ifpa should be restricted to A, 250 to B and 500 to C. I think 1500 for D is fair.


I still don’t see why the divisions aren’t just chosen up front, PAPA-style :slight_smile:


If you do that, then 150 (assuming all of the top 150 IFPA ranked players show up) of the 168 qualifiers for A on Friday are already set. This only leaves 18 spots for someone to play into Division A.