Pinburgh 2018 sob stories


I appreciate that @MCS and @metallik were able to tease this disconnect out. As a moderator, I’d ask that we move on from this particular sticking point moving forward, since it can clearly be a contentious topic and we’ve seen well thought out posts arguing multiple angles. Thanks, y’all!


As the organizer of the event I’d like to clarify a few things.

Division E was not an experiment. It will be back next year.

Division E is not considered a novice division.

If someone didn’t check in for a division on Saturday, we asked for alternates, so if you feel you don’t want to compete in Division E, don’t check in. It’s not really a huge deal. I suspect we will have lots of alternates standing by for Division E next year.


Round 3 on Thursday. I was player 2 and this was after Ball 1 was said and done.

Yes, I tilted with zero points.

On the other hand, splitting a round with Escher Lefkoff, Robert Gagno, and Robert DeStasio softened the blow.


Just E division, right? And only people who wouldn’t be restricted to a higher division would be allowed to be an alternate?


Nope, this happens in every division. No shows get filled by the highest ranked person in that division who is standing by. If you are restricted and ineligible to play in a division, you can’t be an alternate in the division at Pinburgh, because you are a potential alternate in another division.


I was confused, and now I’m not! :slight_smile:


Dang, wish I had known this. Should have done my due diligence and read the rules. Please don’t tell me there were no-shows for C division :expressionless:


I wasn’t at the desk, so I’m not sure of the answer to that.


I am player 1.
Game 4… just need 1 more win for a medallion… this happens. So frustrating :slight_smile:


Honestly its the first I’ve ever heard of it too… and I’ve never seen them advertise anyone even bother checking in beyond startup and finals.

The website doesn’t mention this… nor the rules from what I can see.

I mean… the rules in the absense section even says “At no time may any person be substituted for an absent player” . And the day 2 description doesn’t mention filling slots at all.

The only division it even makes sense to play in would be E… since currently their records are reset.


From the Pinburgh Rules at

V.1. Final Rounds - Any player who is not checked in will be disqualified. Players will be moved up in rank, and alternate players will take the worst-seeded positions in the finals.


I think there’s some confusion here - the original situation involved not showing up for qualifying Day 2 (Friday), while Doug’s comment is aimed at finals (Saturday).


I think I caused the confusion :slight_smile:


What is the best method to inform the desk if one cannot be there Friday? “Phone a friend” is unreliable, and it seems there aren’t really check-ins Fri AM so simply not showing up leads to bad groups. Is there anyone to contact if a person cannot physically go to the desk at 9:30?


There are no check-ins on Friday, informing the desk is the only way.


You kinda have to go to the desk. Otherwise a scenario could arise where Play 1 doesn’t like Player 2 and maliciously tells us “Oh, Player 2 isn’t coming,” we take them out when we shouldn’t have, and everything goes kaflooey. On the other hand, players who miss two rounds will be removed, so it only inconveniences things for a little while.


Or the easiest option, just don’t quit Pinburgh!


With that many people competing, it seems like it would be inevitable that someone might have to leave in a hurry due to illness, a family member getting in a car accident, or their house in Cal catches on fire (that’s been happening a lot lately). Life gets in the way of pinball occasionally.

It doesn’t sound like that was the case this year, but expecting 100% attendance every day every year doesn’t seem realistic. Good to hear people leaving is expected/ planned for. Shit happens.


I got to play with KME, Belsito and CDS in Round 9! Ouch!

Link to Awesome story

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I’m close with the 12-0 person from this round and he’s not on this forum, but I shared the discussion with him and he told me to say his opponent “got screwed” by the two player group and he feels bad about it. He still got a perfect round medal but he calls it his “double asterisk” medal.