Pinburgh 2018 registration

I think letting people take 5 tickets screwed the process up. If you want a ticket, be there. It just killed the availability from the first second.

Yeah, I think it would be fine to pre-reserve a spot to each previous Pinburgh winner, especially the latest one, assuming they wish to attend.

So where’s the “It’s-2018-shouldn’t-it-be-instantly-available” list of the lucky people who got in?:roll_eyes:

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not to brag but… IN! The demand is very high for this tourney because everyone knows there is nothing better. Get on that waitlist asap people always drop out for various reasons.

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Where to go for 2019? Two Pinburghs? Graveyard shift? 6 day event? Winner gets a guaranteed ticket the next year?

Thank you to everyone involved in putting this on. I do not envy dealing with all the angry people who missed out. :frowning:


Part of me wants to be happy that pinball is popular enough to have this happen, but I’m kind of bummed that for something this awesome, there isn’t at least a block of tickets for satellite tournaments.

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Ah, yes, just the thing for the 24-hour diehards.

I got a ticket but a few in my group did not.
Sold out in literally a minute or Two. Crazy!

Satellite tournament seems a good solution for next year. Another 800 tickets at a discounted price for a one day tourny on the Wednesday. Top 50 or so go through to the main event?

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Clearly the demand is there- all some enterprising young businessperson needs is an event space, a large crew of dedicated and experienced staff, and a few hundred pinball machines. easy!


50 satellites all over the world, a few months in advance. Winner of each gets in. :slight_smile:


I retract my previous statement, instead… 2 replayFXes a year! You can only play in one, finalists get first choice as to which one they get into next year.

What are the actual Pinburgh competition days? Having trouble find this anywhere.

So the strat for next year will be to bum-rush the wait list?

I’m currently in Mountain and I got in. Boise, specifically.


Doug’s post on Pinside: “All the tickets were in the checkout process about 30-45 seconds after they went on sale.”

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I would just say that you shouldn’t be able to buy 5 tickets at a time. Only 20% of people who go need to show up to buy tickets? Then they over buy and people are left hanging out on a wait list until well after hotels book out and flights go up in price. If you want to go, show up and buy your ticket. I understand two, because most people go with someone, but five?! Why?

I have to wonder if we would have at least have got a one second window here if it was two instead of five.


I was able to get three tickets for myself and two of my friends. None of us have ever played in Pinburgh, let alone been to ReplayFX, so it should definitely be a good time.

Buying multiple tickets was nice because we knew if one of us got them then we all got them. I didn’t want to go with two friends only to be standing on the sidelines the entire time by myself because I wasn’t able to get a ticket and they were.

I’m excited. :grinning:


All the tickets were in a cart by at the checkout process before 45 seconds. They did indeed sell out the quickest they ever have in the history of Pinburgh.

If you didn’t get into the tournament, I would heavily recommend jumping on the wait list as there is sure to be some cancellations.


Thursday and Friday qualifying. Saturday is the finals.

There is a separate tournament (Intergalactic) on Saturday/Sunday.