Pinburgh 2018 registration


No VIP stuff this year?


Did anyone actually get tickets?


Yes, are they already sold out?


I got mine…


It shows sold out, yes.

There’s no hotel link to a special rate at the Omni, nor mention of what that rate is.


where is the wait list?


Yeah, I did the Comicon “refresh refresh refresh” routine.



Code for Omni is here:


So crazy. It was sold out the moment that screen became available. No wait list?



I don’t know anybody in the Mountain time zone that ever saw the tickets available. I was there literally the first second and it was already sold out. Several others have said the same thing.

I think we got screwed.


It opened back up at 11:15 and I saw 2 tickets available. Then sold out again.


Whew. Got my 3 tix. And my hotel booked. Life is good


I got one, but my friend here in the UK did not. Literally within the minute it opened.

Seems a little surprising!?


Thanks, got a room - not sold out yet.


Multiple tickets were a mistake.


I know of 11 people in Colorado so far that got them.


I know of two in Reno that got a ticket… WOO :wink:


Quite possibly. :frowning_face:

After the dust settles and we see where the highest concentration of hosed people are, maybe they can organize a counter-event in their region.

Too bad Banning isn’t ready to be open more days a year yet.