Pinburgh 2018 registration

When is registration for 2018?

“Pinburgh and Replay FX tickets will be going on sale February 24 at noon EST. This change was made because we wanted to reduce the amount of time between opening ticket sales and the actual event, which will hopefully reduce the amount of turnover on the waitlist. More information will be released as the date approaches.”

Thank you Steve.

Bumping this - does anyone have a link as to where these will be on sale? Or will it just show up active at ? Thanks!


That link seems only to be for the Replayfx festival and not Pinburgh tix.

The page has a countdown timer to when Pinburgh tickets go on sale.

Planning on going for the first time this year. Does anyone know if there is a limit on entries purchased? Specifically if entries for three people can be purchased at once, as there’s a group of three of us, and if we can, one person is going to purchase all of our entries at once on Saturday.

@PAPA_Doug would be your best bet to answer that

I don’t deal with ticketing, but I’ll try and get you an answer.

I seem to recall purchasing all three of my Pinburgh tickets last year at once, for my two sons and me. Process was very smooth. Granted, I was hitting Refresh incessantly at the instant tix went on sale.

Yes, you can buy multiple tickets at the same time. Each player’s information has to be put in the system when purchasing tickets. As a reminder, tickets are non-transferrable.


which link do we need to be on tomorrow to get into pinburgh?
Also when does the Westin hotel rooms go on sale?

The hotel block (singular, according to yesterday’s email) goes on sale when tickets do. I’m guessing it’s going to be the Omni and not the Westin.

That is correct. Our room block is at the Omni this year. You can still book a room at the Westin, we are just not partnered with them this year.

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It’s 10:01 MT. It says it’s sold out???

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I never thought pinburgh would sell out faster than a radiohead concert


Might see some free up at 12:15 when the 15 min timer expires