Pinburgh 2015 Games

Pinburgh 2015 Groupings.pdf (35.4 KB)

As always, games and groups subject to change!


Just doing a little math here. 60 banks can accommodate 480 players at a time (2 four player groups per bank staggered at games 1 & 3 at the start)… uh… where are the other 220 players gonna be ?

I’m not trying to be snooty or anything, I’m just wondering what the plan is to accommodate all 700 players. Will there be more groups of games available ? Three groups on some banks ? Rounds 1A and 1B staggered start ?

Thanks for any info (and uh, you know…thanks for moving all of PAPA down to the convention center for ReplayFx !!)



There are going to be three groups per bank now.


The list of players’ affiliations is here, and needs some editing help.

Paging league and location players! Get ye into groups! (Thanks, see you soon.)

We have a number of people from Cleveland Pinball League (CPL) but I noticed that was already taken. How do we get that on the list?

Wait I noticed it was added. Is that CIPL (eye) or CLPL? Probably should be CLPL. thanks! :smile:

It is ClPL with a lowercase L, as requested. Lowercase L doesn’t look so good to me, but oh well. And yes, CPL is already taken.

OK thanks!

First timer. I added my affiliation. What is this for?

We track groups’ performance against one another, and also track players’ performance within a group. - Pittsburgh Pinball League

More players = more pins = more crappy late SS Gottliebs we have to play. Good times! :slight_smile:

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Car Hop looks especially thrilling!

Car Hop is a fun game! It wasn’t working right during PAPA18 though, hopefully it’s all fixed up for Pinburgh.

Yeah 3 street-level games has got to be a record for any tournament. Deadly Weapon I actually kind of like, and has usually played quite well at PAPA. I always try Car Hop and always feel like I just get eaten alive by it. And Hoops… sweet sweet Hoops.

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I played the Deadly Weapon bank two years ago and thought I had it locked…had a lengthy ball 3 where I collected a bunch of the cars and had a nice lead. Then someone hit the mystery scoop and was awarded an insane value which immediately won him the bank. Was a bit miffed about that one.

Will the games have rubber feet this year due to the concrete floors at the convention center?

Yes, they will have rubber feet… and be mindful of the new rule that if the rubber feet are observed to be off the game, you may be disqualified. (I don’t like this rule.)

More proof that pinball is awesome.

No… you will be disqualified. And you’ll have to shove the game a shitload to make that happen. Having played every game in the tournament, I will be very impressed if this actually happens. And then that person will be disqualified.

Wait. The other thread said I would recieve a zero on that game and possibly a tilt-thru. Now I get DQ’ed out of the whole deal?

Can I at least still play the video games?