Here’s a cool video from yesterday. Twitch only for now, not sure if it’ll make it to YT. It seems to be a skills challenge format.

“Robert Gagno and Raymond Davidson go head to head against each other at the 2018 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show!”

Update: Here’s the YT version:


Finally got ifpa nationals and women’s tournaments on there. It’s a little scattered but the later matches are a bit more organized. Also threw in Pinvasion 5, and the txsector tutorial from @bkerins.


Again big thanks for the site. I have a suggestion, don’t know if it would be easy to implement or not. I wanted to find a game between Andrei Massenkoff and Keith Elwin for educational purposes but I can’t search for two players. Searching by player doesn’t display the other players in the results either which would be just as useful in this case. Worth considering?


Is this a class that I can sign up for? :slight_smile:

If you still need to find videos of Andrei vs. Keith, I suggest just loading the Events tab fully via “page-downing” all the way and searching in your browser for Massenkoff. You can then scroll through the results, and you should find a handful of suitable results. It should only take 30 seconds or so.


Oh of course. Thanks for the tip! I’m looking for interesting videos to be posted weekly on the European Pinball Championship 2018 Facebook page and this time wanted to highlight different styles of play. Pinballvideos has been an extremely good resource for finding the previous ones.


Doing it this way, you probably won’t find everything, because most events will be collapsed and only show 10 games by default. I’d suggest using the API:

  1. Install some browser extension that makes JSON data human readable, e.g. if you’re using Chrome, install

  2. Go to This is the raw data for all of Andrei’s videos.

  3. Search for “Elwin”. There should be 20 hits.


looks great! thanks for all your hard work!


@Theguyoverthere was this as awkward playing in as it was watching?


We added external links to all three lists: events are now linked to their IFPA tournament page, machines to a rulesheet, and players to their IFPA player page.

I suppose this makes this one of the larger public rulesheet collections. If I’ve missed any, let me know.


Yes. Yes it was.

Also, not sure how to get this uploaded, but this happened yesterday:


that was a great game, good job Ray!


2… minutes… to tiiiiime ouuuuuuut. lol
“No! Don’t add time!”


hard to time out though, i thought for sure it was going to drain :smiley:


No kidding! Ray was shooting Revive and going out of control. I was thinking, “Nooooooo!”


WIPT and intergalactic added

EDIT: pinburgh finals added


my one on stream moment of the weekend was my 3rd strike on Cleopatra :S


At least we now have Cleo footage, and for that we thank you!


BPSO 2018 classics 1, classics 2, and finals added.

New competitive footage that we didn’t have much of on star gazer, nba fastbreak, and gorgar.

First time competitive footage on black jack, stingray, and space shuttle.


Today I felt like drinking beer and implementing some fun and useless feature, so I came up with … drumroll … drain reels. For any tournaments that have Live Info (gray play icons to the left of the videos) you can now watch just the drains. Yay!

It’s sort of a hidden feature, you can only get there by using the right URL. Feels like by now there are more hidden features than regular ones. One of these days I’m going to write some UI for them all. Today is not that day.

Here are all the drains of Pinburgh 2018:

I’m confident you can figure out how to do that for other tournaments.

I suppose you need a halfway decent internet connection so the drain reel won’t be buffer hell. Also, make sure you press “f” on your keyboard to go full screen instead of clicking that nasty full screen button inside the video. This way you get the overlay that tells you what’s going on, and you can use all the nice keyboard shortcuts I made for you. Like, hit enter at any time to watch a slo-mo replay, or hit arrow up a few times to speed those drains up and get it over with already.


Just coming back from actually watching that link I posted, and it looks like I was wrong on both counts: It wasn’t as useless as I thought it would be, it was actually pretty instructive to know the ball is going to drain in 5 seconds and try to figure out how. Also, it wasn’t fun at all. I’m actually feeling quite depressed now after watching all those drains.