I’m actually getting a big kick out of it - not that I’d probably do much re-watching but it’s interesting to just see all the walking away reactions and hear the commentators repeated ohhhh’s.


Really cool and useful for learning!


I’d say by far the most deceptive drain is the slow ball that looks like it’s going into the inlane, but it rattles on the post and shifts into the outlane. The very first drain by DJ looks harmless and suddenly it’s gone. There are a bunch more like this throughout.

It’s quite a useful video. So few unforced errors!


For anyone feeling particularly masochistic, I implemented player drain reels.

For instance, here’s @Theguyoverthere’s drain reel:



mean and fun! :slight_smile:


For completeness’ sake I now also implemented machine drain reels. I suppose it could be useful for getting a feeling of how a particular machine likes to drain.

For instance, here’s Iron Maiden’s drain reel:

Also, this is pretty useless, but if you need some eye bleach after watching all those drains, you can use “plungeReel” instead of “drainReel” in any of these sorts of URLs.


I just switched the latest tech update from early patron access to public access. It’s mainly about performance improvements, including faster initial page load, faster tab navigation, and faster filters, all of which should be particularly noticeable on slower devices like phones.

Please let me know if anything isn’t working the way it should. In case something is seriously broken, the old version is still available at


Space city finals here. At least one game in their that I don’t see in your database yet plus a 91 million point crossbow shot :slight_smile:


Free Play Florida women’s, classics, and main added. Also added some footage from GPA Herbstcon classics and main but there’s no commentary and the video quality is shaky at times. Have some footage of Paul Englert. He’s only 12 years old yet ranked in the top 300 after this tournament. Some impressive skills for sure!