I added some Live Info for the final Louisville games, and I hope I get around to doing that for the other new tournaments soon.

I also added a new feature:

autoFF: automatically play everything that isn’t actual gameplay at 2x speed

This only works on games that have Live Info, of course. For now, this is another “hidden” setting at the bottom right of the screen—at some point I’m going to have to make an actual settings page for these things.


That’s pretty cool!


I just realized that the cron jobs responsible for syncing with IFPA and IPDB stopped working some time ago, so the machine sorting by release date and the player sorting by IFPA rank were off.

I fixed that now, so there’s a bunch of new machines at the top of the machines page which were missing before. Not sure what to do about suppressed players in regards to sorting, looks like right now they are just ordered by their last known rank, which I guess is good enough.

Also, looks like speed controls don’t work on mobile, so the new autoFF setting is pretty useless there. I don’t think there’s anything I can do about that.