I added some Live Info for the final Louisville games, and I hope I get around to doing that for the other new tournaments soon.

I also added a new feature:

autoFF: automatically play everything that isn’t actual gameplay at 2x speed

This only works on games that have Live Info, of course. For now, this is another “hidden” setting at the bottom right of the screen—at some point I’m going to have to make an actual settings page for these things.


That’s pretty cool!


I just realized that the cron jobs responsible for syncing with IFPA and IPDB stopped working some time ago, so the machine sorting by release date and the player sorting by IFPA rank were off.

I fixed that now, so there’s a bunch of new machines at the top of the machines page which were missing before. Not sure what to do about suppressed players in regards to sorting, looks like right now they are just ordered by their last known rank, which I guess is good enough.

Also, looks like speed controls don’t work on mobile, so the new autoFF setting is pretty useless there. I don’t think there’s anything I can do about that.


Circuit finals added.
New games with tournament footage are freefall, catacomb, galaxy, and guardians of the galaxy


Cool idea.


Gotta add the stream from TPF. We can’t let Roberts 900K paragon and Karl’s epic game on MET fade away.

Some good TNA footage as well as a couple games that don’t show to be in the archives yet for tournament play. 300. Solar Ride and Space Mission.

Link to finals here -


Done…a few more tutorials added as well.


Some papatvLive episodes added and Keith’s iron maiden tutorial. Still waiting on Women’s/Nationals from Karl :slight_smile:


Just uploaded finals videos from two large pinball tournaments that were held in Bunde, Germany on April 7th and 8th called Pinball Universe Battle. These two videos have some great footage of awesome players that have been part of the ifpa for a long time but we haven’t seen much gameplay from at all to this point.



Google didn’t help much with finding the Twitch stream, but looks like it’s:


That Monster Bash looked so frustrating to play. Easy slings and (seemed like) rubber on the outlane posts but a hair trigger tilt.


Everybody be sure and ask David at Pinburgh how many championships the Celtics won =)


German Pinball Open finals added. Great back and forth play from the finalists. Definitely adding this clip to my list of favorite multiball start celebrations!


Pinmasters finals added as well


Lotr Valinor run with direct audio, 1080p 60fps.


It seems like the site is down. Have there been problems lately?


works for me


Hah. Now it’s working for me too. Wasn’t working for a good hour or two.


Looks like an issue with my hoster. I switched the web client to using a CDN now, which should prevent this sort of problem in the future.


Added a few tutorials from Derek Fugate’s youtube channel, NYC Pinball championships, and I’ve been keeping up with adding the papaTVLive eps.

derek’s tutorials:
ready aim fire
close encounters
strange world
el dorado city of gold
cherry bell
hit the deck
alien star