Wow, that was fast! I was going to send you timestamps tonight, but thanks for saving me the work.

I hope everyone enjoys it. Feedback is welcome. All-vertical edition for phones, and qualifying day coming eventually.


To freeze in my basement & play pinball, or to watch pinball being played, that is the question. Thanks for throwing these life challenges at me haha


I just wanted to thank you for all the work that has gone into and make sure you know what an amazing resource it is for the pinball community. Thanks for all the work you (and your team?) have done and continue to do to improve its functionality and ease of use. It’s truly an amazing site that consistently demonstrates all of the work and thought that’s been put into it. Is there a way to donate to the site? I’m sure there are many who use the site often and would be happy to show their appreciation in a similar way that they’ve backed Bowen’s tutorials. Thanks.


Buy me a beer at the Euclid Tavern next Saturday!


-Bowen’s tutorials of Mousin’ Around and Pinball Magic have been added
-INDISC 2018 added

New competitive footage seen of Robowars and Star Light. Only one game of each but they both have good mini-tutorial commentary.


And we were so close to get people to chose barbwire during the finals :grin:


“Shoot the pyra…er… Fatso”


yeah it’s the main thing but there is quite some strategy on that one… :slight_smile: