PinballSpinner Pinburgh 2019 Bank Links - Sponsored by Dead Flip

Hi Everyone! We’re back again with PinballSpinner Pinburgh Bank Links for 2019.

Many thanks to Jack Danger and Dead Flip [@DEADFLIP] for once again sponsoring the site!

What is it?

PinballSpinner is a compilation of resource links for various pinball games. We are currently including:

  • OPDB
  • PinTips
  • Pinball Videos
  • Rules Documents (via PinballVideos)
  • IPDB
  • The Bank Reveal Video from 2018
  • PAPAtv YouTube, if a specific Tutorial/Gameplay/Competition video exists
  • Bob Matthew’s EM Guide
  • PinballSpinner Tutorials
  • Jared Garvey’s Strategy Document
  • 60 Second Audio Tutorials

Currently in the works and will hopefully be available before Pinburgh:

  • Pinside

This year we have dedicated pages for:

Pinburgh Back-Up Games and WIPT Games will be added on the weekend of the event, as those machines won’t be known until the day-of.

The site has also been expanded to any game on OPDB and allows you to create your own custom bank for any event or location.

We’re using the OPDB concept with games, which allows us to tag a resource as specific to a game (i.e. El Dorado) or to the “family group” associated with the game (i.e. El Dorado/Target Alpha/Gold Strike/Canada Dry)

Because of the resources might apply to both a machine and a family group, you may see multiple of the same type of link that point to different resources (i.e. a Target Alpha rulesheet AND an El Dorado rulesheet under the El Dorado heading and vice-versa).

At a minimum, all games have a link back to PinTips, even if no tips currently exist for that game.

We have also set up a Patreon for anyone interested to support the site:

Reach out if you have any thoughts, and if you find any issues with the links on the site be sure to drop a note to so we can queue up a ticket to get it corrected. I’ve already seen a few issues since publishing this version (I’m looking at you, Atlantis), so please let us know if you encounter issues with the links.


Heck yeah!
This thing is a LIFESAVER!

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Tons of help last year, thanks for updating!

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I just pushed a small update to the main site. I noted that I had a few games as the incorrect version and those have been addressed, but it made me wonder if any others were incorrect.

I made a dedicated bank page which lists the Game, Bank, Manufacturer, Year, and OPDB number.

I’m not sure anyone from the Replay crew will have time to check this list, but if anyone sees anything obviously off please reach out.


As we move into the home stretch in the countdown to Pinburgh, we’ve pushed a final update to the site ahead of the event:

It includes resource links to:

  • Pinburgh 2019 by Bank
  • Pinburgh 2019 by Name
  • Intergalactic 2019
  • WIPT 2019

Pinburgh Backups and WIPT 2019 games will be added once those machine names are known.

Anyone interested to support our Patreon can click here:

Looking forward to seeing everyone this week! If there is any feedback please drop a line to


Bank numbers way off now, or at least for the stage games. I know they were near the end of the last now they’re 123. Haven’t confirmed if all the other ones are just pushed up 3 or not.

I think I see what they did. Stage games are Stage 1 2 3. All the others seem good, but I can make a database change tonight when I get back to the hotel.

Thanks for the heads up!

Hey Everyone! The site has been updated for WIPT:

By Bank:
By Name:

If you have to move to a back-up, best place to look is the generic Pinburgh by Name for all machines:

Good luck to all!


Thanks again for this. It’s such an awesome help every year.